Andy Cohen Tells Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Why She’ll Never Join RHONJ as Jersey Shore Star Responds and Shares Where They Stand

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Andy Cohen Tells Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi the Real Reason He'll Never Be Cast on RHONJ as Jersey Shore Star Responds and Shares Where They Stand

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Andy Cohen welcomed Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to his SiriusXM radio show on Monday, where he explained why he’s so against the idea of her joining the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Following years of back and forth between the Watch What Happens Live host, 54, and the Jersey Shore star, 35, Andy admitted that he didn’t intend to spark a feud with Snooki when he declined a suggestion to cast her on his long-running Bravo reality show.

“Now Snooki and I have been in a public war that I was not psyched about because I don’t want to be in a war with you, Snooki,” he said on Andy Cohen Live on January 23, via PEOPLE.

“Neither do I. You were just a little sarcastic so I had to come back,” Snooki replied.

Looking back, Andy revealed, “I said, ‘I don’t see it.’ Right. I was like, ‘I don’t see it at all. Ever.’ Now here’s why I said it: I view you as like, one of the faces of MTV and the face of Jersey Shore. And so to me, it’s like putting Mickey Mouse in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. It’s too different. You know what I mean?”

According to Snooki, she is “not mad” at Andy today, but she didn’t like the tone he used when discussing the matter. In fact, while appearing on the Everything Iconic podcast in January of last year, she described him as “so aggressive” and said he needed to “calm down.”

“I just didn’t like your little, ‘Nah, I’m good,'” Snooki told Andy on Monday.

“That’s where I take it too far,” he agreed.

“We’re fine. I love you,” Snooki confirmed as Andy added that the two of them “are not in a war.”

As fans may recall, Andy addressed his “fake fight” with Snooki on WWHL in June as her friend, Joey Camasta, served as bartender.

“I am in a fake fight with Snooki that is not a real thing. I love Snooki, OK?” Andy told Joey. “I feel like people keep trying to poke her and prod her into something, and then it gets in the thing that she and I are in some fight. Will you please tell her I love Snooki?”

“My only thing is that she is so identifiable with Jersey Shore and MTV. She built MTV reality shows. So in my mind, I just thought it’s like putting a Kardashian on, like, another show that has nothing to do with it,” he further explained. “It’s like two different worlds. That was my only thing. It was nothing personal.”

Snooki also took on the topic herself on Instagram, telling fans, “Idk how this started but I have not been asked to be a housewife.”