PHOTO: RHOSLC’s Heather Gay Accused of Looking Unrecognizable in Throwback Pic, Did She Go Under the Knife?

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PHOTO: RHOSLC's Heather Gay Accused of Looking Unrecognizable in Throwback Pic, Did She Go Under the Knife?

Heather Gay used a throwback photo of herself to promote her upcoming memoir, Bad Mormon, on Instagram last month. But, rather than spark a conversation about the new book, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City raised questions about potential plastic surgeries.

Ahead of the publication’s February 7 release date, Heather, whose business, Beauty Lab + Laser, specializes in injectables and skin care treatments, posted an image of herself from years ago in which she was seen smiling in a blue button-up alongside two female friends.

“From full time missionary to [Bad Mormon] … read all about it,” Heather wrote in the caption of the January 19 post.

But after sharing the throwback, Heather was met with backlash from fans who felt she’d had gone too far with her facial procedures.

RHOSLC Heather Gay Before Plastic Surgery Young Photo

RHOSLC Star Heather Gay Shared This Throwback Photo of Herself. Credit: Instagram

“Who tf is that?!” one person asked, via Heavy.

“Love you… but you don’t look like this,” shared another.

“Heather… Is that you???” ask a third.

Meanwhile, others were more critical of Heather’s transformation.

“Heather needs to leave her face alone,” someone stated.

“Wow. She was beautiful …. What has she done to her face now????” another Instagram user wondered.

And after a different follower of Heather’s suggested she’d had “too much plastic surgery,” and encouraged her to “leave it alone,” some agreed that she used to be “so pretty” and “fresh-faced.”

“She is aging (herself) badly. Natural is the best,” they shared.

Just months ago, in October 2022, Heather spoke to Page Six about her beauty regimen, admitting she gets Botox “every three to four months” and lip injections once a year.

“I get Botox, filler in my lips,” she revealed. “I get Sculptra, which is like a collagen stimulator. …For someone that’s lazy and avoids self-care, I get every damn thing that comes across the menu. And I get it all for free because I’m the owner.”

Heather also addressed the topic on the RHOSLC: After Show, confirming botox is her top skin care must-have.

“Don’t waste your time with creams, massages, tools, patches. Just get a needle in the face. It lasts for six weeks and move on,” she advised.