RHOM Star Nicole Martin on Why She Sold $44 Million Mansion, Her Potential Spinoff With Fiancé Anthony, and Talks Mom Guilt and Maintaining Balanced Life

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RHOM's Dr. Nicole Martin on Why She Sold $44 Million House, Her Potential Spinoff With Fiancé Anthony Lopez, and Mom Guilt, Plus How She Maintains Balanced

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Dr. Nicole Martin hosted a Q&A with her fans and followers on her Instagram Story on Tuesday, during which she opened up about her decision to unload her stunning mansion in Miami.

Months after the Real Housewives of Miami star and her fiancé, Anthony Lopez, sold their 9,000-square-foot, six-bedroom waterfront property for $44 million to the parents of Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos, even though it wasn’t actually for sale, Nicole spoke of the decision, shared her thoughts on launching spinoff with Anthony, and addressed the mom guilt she often experiences amid her hustle-bustle lifestyle.

“Your house was SO beautiful … [Were] you sad to sell it?” a fan asked Nicole on February 7.

“It was an offer that was hard to refuse,” Nicole responded. “A house is [four] walls in my mind. My home is wherever my family is.”

According to Nicole, she and Anthony will eventually build a new home for their family. But for now, she’s enjoying their temporary “Fisher” residence, seemingly on Miami’s Fisher Island.

“I’m enjoying Fisher and am excited for the next phase … The new home is going to be gorgeous and I’m looking forward to the design process,” she shared.

RHOM Dr. Nicole Martin Explains Why She Sold Miami Mansion

Another fan asked, “Can we get a Nicole [and] Anthony [spinoff] soon?”

“Can you imagine?!?” Nicole replied. “We should call it ‘Living Lopez'”

She also said the concept was “not a bad idea” as she and Anthony were seen cheers-ing.

Dr. Nicole Martin Talks RHOM Spinoff With Fiance Anthony Lopez

Also during the Q&A, one of Nicole’s followers asked the anesthesiologist how she does it “ALL.”

“How do you do it ALL and without any guilt?” they asked, giving a nod to Nicole’s roles as a doctor, RHOM cast member, and mom to son Greyson.

“There is definitely guilt,” Nicole admitted. “I’m sad when I miss things and I try to compensate like most mommas … I try to give myself grace and focus on the lessons I’m teaching … I think there is value in showing your children to have a well balanced life. I want Grey to know that it’s a good thing to be passionate about something (whether it’s a career, a charity, a sport, or hobby.”

Dr. Nicole Martin on Mom Guilty Being Doctor and RHOM Star

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