Lala Kent Says Ariana Gave Her “Consent” to “Torch” Tom & Raquel as Andy Cohen & LVP React to Scandal, Plus James Tells Fans to Attack Tom at Show and Katie Throws Shade

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Lala Kent Says Ariana Gave Her "Consent" to "Torch" Tom & Raquel as Andy Cohen & LVP React to Scandal, Plus James Tells Fans to Attack Tom at Show and Katie Throws Shade

Lala Kent took to social media on Friday night to reveal that after talking to Ariana Madix about Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss‘ alleged months-long affair, she was given the okay to “torch” them both.

As Andy Cohen teased the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Katie Maloney reacted to her and Ariana’s splits from the Toms, and Ariana’s best friend slammed Raquel as “f-cking dumb,” Lala told Sandoval and Raquel to “get ready” as she and James Kennedy encouraged fans to take action against Sandoval at his show with the Most Extras on Friday night.

“Alright you guys, I’ve talked to Ariana, and she’s given me full consent to torch these motherf-ckers,” Lala confirmed on TikTok on March 3. “Get ready because I have only just begun. You’re welcome!”

Vanderpump Rules Lala Kent Gets Okay from Ariana to Torch Raquel and Sandoval

As the likes of Jax Taylor and Kristen Doute reacted to the shocking news regarding Sandoval and Raquel on their Twitter and Instagram accounts, Andy Cohen also posted a message about the upcoming reunion on his Twitter page.

“How many parts is too many parts for the [Pump Rules] reunion???” he asked.

Andy Cohen Reacts to Sandoval and Raquel's Affair

Lisa Vanderpump also reacted to the cheating scandal when she responded to Andy’s tweet, stating: “Ummm one…I’m not sure my heart is up to it.”

Lisa also confirmed she will be the special guest on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live where she promised viewers will ‘hear her thoughts.’

Around the same time, after coming across an Instagram Story that labeled her and Ariana as “queens who don’t need a man, especially one named T*m,” Katie said the two of them were done with their Toms for good.

“It’s never going to be about Tom again….,” she vowed.

Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney Declares She and Ariana Madix Are Done With the Toms

Also on Instagram, Ariana’s best friend, Logan Cochran, called Raquel “dumb” and shaded Sandoval’s band as “corny.”

“I know we’re not supposed to say it but, actually, she is f-cking dumb. I hope blowing up her life is worth it for a backstage pass to some corny a– coverband,” he wrote.

Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix BFF Slams Raquel as Dumb Amid Sandoval Cheating Drama

After confirming she was given consent to “torch” Sandoval and Ariana over the “sick” cheating allegations against them, Lala told those attending Sandoval’s show on Friday to chant “Ariana” while he was on stage.

“Anyone going to Tom Sandoval’s show tonight, here’s the drill — I obviously will not be there –, but I want you all to bust into a chant of ‘A-ri-a-na, A-ri-a-na, A-ri-a-na, A-ri-a-na, A-ri-a-na,'” she instructed in a video posted to her Instagram Story.

“Oh, this is so fun. I usually don’t get involved in the Instagram sh-t. But now I’m activated,” Lala continued. “I’m activated as f-ck. Now that I have consent from that a– and face that slap different named Ariana, blow torch, gasoline, grenade-launcher, it’s all ready.”

Lala also had a message in the caption of her post, per Best of Bravo on Instagram, which read, “I obviously think you shouldn’t go at all. But if you’re so inclined to expose your eardrums to nails on a chalkboard, this is what you do.”

And Lala wasn’t the only one who pushed for the public mockery of Sandoval; James did the same on his page.

“If you’re in Orange County today and you’re planning to see Tom Sandoval and the Most Extra tonight, don’t forget to bring the tomatoes and the cabbage, okay? You want to get good aim, and you want to squeeze the tomato a little bit, so it’s just a little juicy before you throw it,” he told his own audience.

Vanderpump Rules James Kennedy Encourages Fans to Attack Tom Sandoval at Show After Raquel Affair

James also responded to a DM from Deux Moi on Instagram that was later shared on the page’s Story.

“Nooooo way this is true!” they wrote with a snippet of TMZ’s report on the matter.

“Oh it gets darker,” James replied. “[Seven] months … in the house … Ariana sleeping.”

Vanderpump Rules James Kennedy Claims Sandoval Raquel Affair Gets Darker

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