RHONJ Cast Reacts to Luis Saying He Wears Pajamas of Teresa Giudice’s Late Dad as Teresa Speaks Out, Plus Live Viewing

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RHONJ Cast Reacts to Luis' Confession That He Wears Teresa Giudice’s Late Father’s Pajamas as Teresa Speaks

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Luis Ruelas revealed during a recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey that he wears the pajamas of wife Teresa Giudice‘s late father, Giacinto Gorga, to bed so that her daughters feel safe. And understandably, the odd revelation caused a stir among their castmates.

As they looked back on the declaration while filming an After Show, Melissa Gorga, Jackie Goldschneider, and Margaret Josephs labeled the gesture as “f-cking weird” and “strange” as some of their co-stars, including Jennifer Aydin, found his bedroom attire endearing.

“That’s where you lost me … I can’t. I cannot,” Melissa shared on the March 28 episode of the RHONJ: After Show. “I got the chills … I have my father’s flannel that smells like him. You keep it in the closet, every once in a while you smell it. But like, that’s normal. I’m just saying, you never even met him.”

And Jackie was equally taken aback.

“Hold on. I have to let this seep through my body,” she began before saying, “That’s weird. That’s f-cking weird. Sorry. I’m gonna say it. That’s f-cking weird … I mean, if Evan had on my dad’s pajamas … [Luis] was probably trying to prove what a good guy he is.”

As for Margaret, she said that while it is normal for children to want to wear the shirts and sweatshirts of their grandparents, the fact that Luis didn’t know Giacinto was questionable.

“Nonno’s pajamas, oy!” she exclaimed. “It’s one thing if your children wanna wear the shirt, the sweatshirt of the grandparents, but someone who didn’t know Nonno is wearing his pajamas… is a little Twilight Zone-y strange.”

Meanwhile, after Rachel Fuda said she wouldn’t want her husband, John Fuda, to wear her nonna’s pajamas and Danielle Cabral agreed the concept is “a little wacky,” Jennifer said Luis’ decision to wear the pajamas was “probably in honor of Nonno.”

“If I didn’t know Luis, I would think it was weird. Luis never got to meet Nonno. He never got to meet him. He has no connection with him. Maybe this is the way that he can be like, ‘You know what, I love your daughter and I hope I have your blessing,’” she reasoned. “I just picture them getting rid of all of Nonno’s clothes and going through it and picking the things that are reminiscent of Nonno. So actually no, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.”

Even series “friendJennifer Fessler weighed in, asking, “So he offered that information unsolicited?”

But in her own interview, Teresa set the record straight, noting that Luis doesn’t wear Nonno’s used pajamas, but a pair he’d never actually worn.

“This is so crazy to me,” she admitted. “You want me to tell you what that is? My father had … It was brand new pajamas that my dad didn’t wear. So that was it.”

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