Lala Kent Talks Raquel Leviss’ Off-Camera Drunken Behavior, Claims She Was “Prey” for Sandoval, and Slams Her as “Repulsive,” Plus Her “Scary” Ways at Vanderpump Rules Reunion

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Lala Kent Talks Raquel’s Drunken Behavior, Claims She Was "Prey" for Sandoval, and Slams Her as "Repulsive,” Plus Her "Scary" Behavior at Pump Rules Reunion

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Lala Kent believes Raquel Leviss was a prime target for Tom Sandoval.

While appearing on Vanderpump Rules co-star Scheana Shay‘s podcast recently, Lala claimed Raquel exhibits frequent drunkenness before slamming her as a “repulsive” person in light of her betrayal of former bestie Ariana Madix and explaining her “scary” behavior at the reunion.

“It’s like a known thing … The number of times that I would get phone calls saying like, ‘Raquel was falling over when she was drunk.’ She’s constantly… Every time I talked to someone, she was falling over something,” Lala shared on the March 31 episode of Scheananigans. “[She] fell on a table, fell into a wall, it’s like, she’s a hot mess.”

Lala is also unimpressed with Raquel’s intelligence.

“I don’t think she’s smart. I think she’s easily manipulated because she’s such a broken soul,” Lala explained. “That’s prime prey for someone like Sandoval … She’s definitely a repulsive human, and she’s a broken person that needs just a lot of f-cking help.”

Understandably, Scheana, who was the target of what she claims was a false police report filed by Raquel last month, was equally disgusted.

“It’s infuriating. I honestly hope I never have to see her again because I have nothing to even say to her face at this point,” Scheana stated. “I’ve said everything I wanted to say at the reunion. There’s nothing I need to say to her face because it’s not going to go through. It’s not going to process.”

“She’s just gonna look at me with those stupid Bambi eyes that just I now see evil and darkness in,” she added.

Looking back at the March 23 reunion taping, Scheana pointed out that Raquel “sat at the reunion and didn’t shed one tear” as Lala noted she “actually smiled.”

“It was scary. It was like watching the Joker,” Lala recalled, revealing the reunion was “the most intense reunion [she’s] ever been a part of it.”

“After that reunion … I felt so dirty,” Lala admitted. “I just think being in a room with people who are so capable of doing just the most f-cked up things that breaks a person to their soul, I was like really triggered by it, and the things that Sandoval were saying were just so disgusting. It was just gross, and then when I’m around things like that, it brings out a side of me that doesn’t feel great, but I also don’t know how to shut up.”

“I don’t like going to that place, and I felt like a caged animal, but I thought Ariana handled herself so well,” she continued. “She sat back, looked insanely hot and amazing, and just fucking sliced with her words. It was beautiful to watch.”

With the reunion filmed and set to premiere next month, Lala and her castmates are thinking of the potentially impending 11th season of Pump Rules.

“I think [Raquel would come back]. I think she would definitely come back,” Lala suspected. “[And] I think Sandoval would definitely come back. The hard thing is … Ariana has drawn a line in the sand.”

Also, on the podcast, Lala explained her issues with Jo Wenberg, the rumored girlfriend of Tom Schwartz.

“I have a problem with Jo because she tried to put her dirty fingernails into my baby’s mouth, and I about lost my goddamn mind,” she revealed. “[And] the fact that Jo was totally fine, like she knew that her boyfriend was essentially pretending to like Raquel to throw off the scent of Raquel and Sandoval, it’s a group of sick motherf-ckers.”

“I don’t want them around me,” she added.

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