Married At First Sight Season 13 Cast Update: Where Are They Now?

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Married at First Sight Season 13- Where Are They Now? See Where All The Couples Ended Up!


Married at First Sight season 13 was a whirlwind. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that must apply to the drama too, as fans and experts agree, it was one of the most intense seasons that Married at First Sight has ever seen.

With breakdowns and blowups galore, the season took viewers on a wild ride with relationships that initially appeared doomed to fail making it all the way to Decision Day, and some of the romances that seemed built to last not even making it off the honeymoon.

By Decision Day, many viewers did not know which couples would say, “I do,” and which ones would say, “I divorce.” And although two couples did end up staying together on Decision Day, by the reunion special only one of those was still together, though admittedly back together following a breakup.

So what happened to the lone couple that stayed together past the Reunion and to the other couples who agreed to part ways? Well, that’s exactly what we aimed to find out.

Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero (Divorced)

MAFS Myrla smiles at Gil

Myrla and Gil seemed happy Credit: Lifetime

Leadership Coach Myrla Feria and firefighter Gil Cuero were an unlikely couple from the get-go. Myrla explicitly stated she did not like bald men with dogs (Gil is a bald man with a dog), and Gil said he did not want a “high maintenance” Instagram influencer (Myrla has a closet full of Gucci and a sizeable Instagram following).

But against all odds, the couple actually had very little drama throughout the season, and it seemed Gil’s slow and steady mindset won the race with Myrla as the two ended up staying together on Decision Day.

Sadly, before long, their relationship was not just on the rocks but over. Gil revealed on the reunion special that Myrla had ended their relationship a few short weeks following Decision Day, leaving him not only brokenhearted but homeless.

According to Myrla, she ended things with Gil over lack of physical attraction (how?!) and their ongoing disagreements over finances, with firefighter Gil making significantly less than Myrla and having different lifestyle goals than high fashion, high travel Myrla.

The couple went their separate ways, and although rumors flew that Myrla might have been dating fellow MAFS costar Johnny Lam, the rumors ended up being false as far as anyone knows. Instead, Myrla seems to be enjoying her single life. Well, maybe not so single, as following the reunion special Myrla did welcome a new member to her family, a puppy she named Porcia.

Fans were initially surprised as Myrla had made it clear that she was not a dog person. But it seemed that even if her feelings for Gil did not remain, her feelings about his dog, Hype, lived on, as she decided she was a dog person after all.

In addition to spending plenty of time with her pup, Myrla’s Instagram shows her lounging poolside, hitting the gym, and hanging with some of the other MAFS alums, including newly single Rachel Gordillo. She’s also been enjoying the nightlife.

As for Gil, who teared up multiple times during the reunion special, he seems to have bounced back just fine. Gil’s Instagram shows him spending time with friends and family, donning his firefighters uniform, and showing out in some very nice outfits. And it seems Gil has been able to put his MAFS experience in perspective, with one of his posts showing him in his Decision Day suit with a caption saying, “Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.”

We couldn’t agree more, Gil!

He’s also been traveling, sharing photos from San Francisco and Mexico.

As of now, it doesn’t seem that either individual is in a relationship with anyone else, or at least not a serious one, as they’ve appeared solo in their most recent social media pics. But we can’t imagine these two will be single for long!

Ryan Ignasiak and Brett Layton (Divorced)

MAFS Ryan and Brett on their wedding day

MAFS Brett and Ryan’s wedding Credit: Lifetime

Ryan Ignasiak and Brett Layton were not one of MAFS season 13’s most likely to succeed couples, but we are not sure anyone could have predicted just how badly it would end for these two.

While the honeymoon seemed to start the pair off on the right foot, by the time they returned to Houston, the other shoe had dropped and Ryan had checked out. They barely spoke and tensions were running high. While they did move into the shared apartment, they opted to sleep in different rooms. Ryan told everyone (except Brett) that he didn’t feel an attraction or compatibility with her. Finally, on the couple’s retreat, the two addressed things somewhat. However, the relationship was too far gone by that point, and the conversation didn’t really go anywhere.

Things got even worse once Brett found out from a friend that one week before Decision Day, Ryan was back on dating apps and had matched with one of her friends. So it was no surprise that the two decided to divorce on Decision Day — and that Ryan was back on the market and planning his first date by the reunion special.

Judging by his Instagram, which features pics of Ryan at the gym, golfing, and hanging with male friends, it doesn’t look like that date turned into a relationship, nor does it seem he’s dating anyone at this time.

Ryan mostly has MAFS posts, including one about having no regrets, well maybe one regret, about his time on the show.

He’s also stayed in touch with castmate Jose San Miguel Jr. and season 13 expert Dr. Vivianna Coles.

Meanwhile, during the reunion special, it was revealed that Ryan wasn’t the only one moving on quickly from the lackluster MAFS marriage. In fact, as it turned out, Brett exchanged numbers with a man she met at the bar while she and Ryan were still married, which made for quite an awkward moment at the reunion. That said, things between Brett and the mystery man didn’t last, and it doesn’t seem that she’s dating anyone new.

Since her reality TV debut, Brett has been keeping her cards close to the vest and has her Instagram set to private for close friends and family only. But her bio reveals she is still a teacher, volleyball coach, and “love believer,” so it seems her rocky marriage hasn’t done anything to dim her belief in the real thing!

Johnny Lam and Bao Huong (Divorced)

Johnny and Bao at dinner

Johnny and Bao had a rollercoaster romance Credit: Lifetime

Johnny Lam and Bao Huong were a fan-favorite for the season, a MAFS most likely to succeed if there was one. With similar goals, values, languages, cultural backgrounds, and even the surprise twist of a college meeting (and date) 15 years prior, these two’s fated romance seemed too good to be true. And it turned out … it was.

The rollercoaster romance the former couple shared took viewers on a course of highs and lows, as one day saw sparks in the bedroom and the next brought fights and harsh critiques. Finally, after weeks of trying, it seemed Bao reached her breaking point and tapped out just as Johnny decided he was all in. Bao told Johnny she wanted a divorce on Decision Day while Johnny said he wanted to keep trying to make the marriage work.

Shortly after Decision Day, it was revealed that Bao had moved on. .. to another MAFS cast member, costar, and soon-to-be-ex-husband of Michaela Clark, Zack Freeman. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, it was soon revealed Zack was cheating on Bao with another woman while still married to Michaela.

Although Bao has seemingly been single ever since, she does have a new lady in her life, a dog named Tofu.

As for Johnny, rumors flew that he too had moved on to a fellow co-star, Myrla. But both denied the rumors as they stayed friendly while they attended pool parties, dinners, and other celebrations.

In fact, Johnny attended the first birthday party of Myrla’s dog, Porcia, with his food blogger girlfriend, Kayla Fischer, who he has been dating since at least September 2022.

Although Johnny and Kayla don’t seem to be engaged, things do appear to be fairly serious between them as she’s seen in a lot of his photos on Instagram and met his mom in January 2023.

Michaela Clark and Zack Freeman (Divorced)

MAFS Zack and Michaela look angry

Zack and Michaela were explosive Credit: Lifetime

Michaela Clark and Zack Freeman got many fans’ votes as a rock-solid couple that would be built to last. But who could have predicted the almost immediate implosion of this couple, not to mention the explosions that would follow?

The honeymoon for these two ended on the honeymoon, with Zack testing positive for COVID-19 and Michaela flying back to Houston. Upon Zack’s return, the two moved into the shared apartment, and the following day, Michaela moved out. A miscommunication between the two led to Michaela exploding at Zack and moving out, but a counseling session with an expert quickly led to reconciliation, and the marriage seemed back on track. But just as quickly as the couple’s love train went off the rails, the couple’s retreat brought one of the most intense moments in MAFS history, with Michaela attempting to stop Zack from leaving and breaking furniture in the cabin after he left.

Decision Day brought even more confusion. While Zack said he wanted a divorce, he also wanted to continue seeing Michaela and thought of this as a fresh start for the two. What? But by the reunion special, the ex-couple could not even sit in the same room as each other, and Zack’s secret romance with Bao had been revealed. So needless to say, both of these two have moved on.

Michaela went on a journey of self-discovery, flying to Peru and several other countries after the show, and she also explored exercise and therapy following her difficult time on MAFS.

MAFS Michaela in Peru

MAFS Michaela goes to Peru Credit:@she_is_mic/Instagram

The reunion special also saw Michaela and her fur baby moving into a new home. Between a new house, several new passport stamps, and a new lease on life with therapy and exercise, Michaela seems to be living her best life.

After Bao and Zack broke up, Zack is reported to be single and ready to mingle. But there does appear to be one new woman in his life. In line with several of the season 13 alums, Zack has a new fluff puff in his life. Meet Dior.

Dior isn’t the only member of the family Zack has been spending time with. His social media also shows several pictures of him and his brothers, who he was close to during the season and who helped support him through his troubled marriage to Michaela.

Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr. (Divorced)

MAFS Rachel and Jose meet with Dr. Pepper, the show's expert

MAFS Rachel and Jose in counseling Credit: Lifetime

Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr. definitely had some obstacles to overcome in their marriage. From the get-go, Jose expressed his desire for a “perfect wife” and a “perfect marriage,” something that caused fans to worry that Jose’s hopes were far too high.

But Rachel seemed to be the “perfect wife” for Jose and the two had instant chemistry. But after Rachel accidentally called Jose the wrong name and Jose exploded, their fiery romance took a turn for the worse. The night culminated in Jose “accidentally” locking Rachel out of the apartment and then taking several days to apologize for the incident. But it was later discovered that Rachel, who had a history of infidelity, slept at an ex’s house when she couldn’t get back in.

When Decision Day rolled around, the couple seemed to have worked out their issues and both agreed they wanted to stay together. But by the reunion special, it was revealed they had split up and Rachel had moved out. While the two were willing to give their marriage one last try, it still seemed things were not quite back to normal, and soon an announcement of the pair’s intent to divorce was announced.

Rachel celebrated the official divorce day with a post on her Instagram.

Other than celebrating her newly found singledom, Rachel has been spending time with her fellow MAFS co-stars and diving headfirst into her love of travel and her teaching job.

Jose on the other hand, while nothing official has been announced, did post a racy photo with a mystery woman who appeared to be his date for a friend’s wedding. In the comments, Jose responded that it was not his new girlfriend but just a close friend. But fans were not entirely convinced.

Many can’t imagine that Mr. Perfect Credit Score, Jose, would stay single for very long! So will a new couple announcement be forthcoming? That remains to be seen, but as time has gone on, he’s continued to spend time with said mystery woman. And in the comments section of a December 2022 photo of the two of them, after a fan asked if his marriage to Rachel was over, Jose confirmed, “The show is over. No more marriage.”

“Is that implying that it was always just for the ‘show’?” the fan replied.

“Maybe,” Joe responded. “When those doors open, it’s that of an ‘experiment.’ That is the person you were partnered with.”

If you’re keeping track of the couple count for Married at First Sight season 13, there ended up being zero successes — a disappointing season for a show with a fairly decent track record of matches (around 27% going into the season), which is just below the national average of 50%.