Andy Cohen Calls Tom Sandoval a “Very Broken Human Being,” Shares Thoughts on LVP’s Compassion for Him and His Tell-All With Howie, Plus Housewives’ Response to New Book

by Lindsay Cronin
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Andy Cohen Says Tom’s Affair Story Has “Evolved,” and He’s a “Broken” Man as He Shares Thoughts on Lisa Vanderpump’s Compassion for Him, His Tell-All With Howie, Plus Housewives Response to New Book

Andy Cohen opened up about Tom Sandoval and Lisa Vanderpump during a recent podcast appearance.

As he shared what is to come on the three-part Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion, explained why he believes Vanderpump has compassion for her co-star, and reacted to Sandoval’s interview with Howie Mandel, the Watch What Happens Live host also revealed which Real Housewives star received an advance copy of his book — and which one complained about its contents.

“I sent it to Lisa Rinna the week before it came out,” Andy confirmed of The Daddy Diaries on the May 18 episode of Chicks in the Office. “Kelly Ripa got it before it came out. [Sarah Jessica Parker] got it before it came out but she’s so busy she hasn’t gotten to it yet … Some people do get it beforehand.”

In his new book, in which he was admittedly more vulnerable about his insecurities, Andy discussed behind-the-scenes topics of the Housewives universe, revealing many things fans hadn’t yet known. And after its release, Andy heard from a couple of cast members.

“I’ve got [Tamra Judge] texting me, who I’ve said we’ve had moments of sexual chemistry and so she’s sending me all these really funny texts,” he shared. “I know I’m gonna see her, and we’re gonna have to talk about it, and I was thinking, ‘Why did I write that in there?’ And I think, ‘Well, she’s shown me her boobs a couple of times so then it’s been presented to me.'”

Teresa Giudice has also mentioned The Daddy Diaries.

“Teresa was just on Watch What Happens Live, and she’s like, ‘I need to talk to you about what’s in the book.’ So now is kind of the reckoning for me,” Andy confessed.

Moving on to Pump Rules topics, Andy said that while he was surprised by Sandoval’s interview on Howie’s podcast, during which he opened up about cheating on Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss, he also understood it.

“I just thought it was just so surreal. I was like, ‘What?’ But also, I figured, and I surmised the next day, I said, ‘They must have a deal where…’ I knew that Howie Mandel’s niece or daughter’s spouse was a bandmate,” he explained. “I knew what the connection was … [And] I had already sat down with Tom and done the confrontational interview with him so I figured, ‘Okay, he clearly has a deal with him where this is gonna be a friendly space.'”

“I was annoyed, but I also thought, ‘Okay, go do this because I just didn’t see it landing well,'” he added. “And I certainly didn’t see him coming to the Clubhouse landing well either. I wanted the reunion to speak for itself.”

According to Andy, he didn’t watch Sandoval’s interview with Howie but did see a couple of clips.

“[His story] has evolved, and you’re gonna hear more at the reunion,” he teased, confirming additional cheating of his will be discussed.

While Vanderpump has been accused of being too easy on Sandoval, especially during the finale episode of Pump Rules last week, Andy believes she simply sees the bigger picture.

“Lisa is able to see this from an aerial view,” he noted. “She is not involved in the same way that they all are as a group of friends. And she’s also in business with Tom, and I think she has a very British way of looking at it … Her position from the beginning has been, ‘Listen, they had an affair. No one got killed. It’s a horrible thing.’ And she does have great compassion for Ariana. [But] she’s against the mob mentality coming against someone.”

Ahead of the airing of the Pump Rules reunion, Andy said that when it came to Sandoval’s demeanor at the taping, he was “very broken.”

“He was shaking the whole time, he was shaking during our one-on-one, he came across to me as a very broken human being, which many would say, ‘Well good, he should be.’ But he is, just so everyone knows,” Andy stated.

Still, Andy said he “doesn’t understand how” Sandoval could do something “really horrible” to someone “so lovely.”

The Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion is currently airing on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.