Selling Sunset’s Nicole Young Addresses “Vicious Hatred” Amid Chrishell Feud as She Backs Out of Appearances Due to Death Threats, Plus Christine Reacts

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Selling Sunset's Nicole Young Addresses "Vicious Hatred" Amid Chrishell Stause Feud as Death Threats Lead Her to Pull Out of Appearances

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Nicole Young is facing “vicious hatred” from Selling Sunset fans amid her feud with Chrishell Stause.

Two days after Chrishell leaked a series of friendly text messages she and Nicole had exchanged ahead of filming after being accused of stealing a joint listing they shared, Nicole opened up about the backlash she’s received as an insider confirmed she’s gotten brutal death threats and been faced with allegations of being a meth addict.

According to a May 25 report from TMZ, Nicole and her family have been bombarded by hateful messages from people who have obtained her phone number and address since season six premiered on Netflix earlier this month.

“Watch out on the streets….wh-res die,” someone told her.

“You’re a c-nt. A bully. I hope you die honestly,” said another.

“No one likes you because you’re a crackhead. You should leave the O Group you f-cking methhead,” added a third.

Because Nicole’s mental health has been so impacted by the cruel statements, she’s actually pulled out of scheduled podcast tapings and other appearances.

As Selling Sunset fans have likely seen, Nicole accused Chrishell of taking credit for their joint listing and suggested Chrishell only got the listing because of her now-ex-boyfriend Jason Oppenheim‘s romantic interest in her.

And while the claims have led to hardships for Nicole, she stands by them, noting that producers left key details out of the footage that would’ve provided a more accurate story.

Amid the drama, Nicole took to her Instagram post to thank her supporters and open up about the hate.

“Biggest thank you to Karl & Ellen – clients who became friends who quickly became family – THANK YOU for throwing me the most incredible viewing party surrounded by amazing friends, love, support, laughter and just the BEST night ever!! I am so humbled and grateful … Love you both sooooooo much!” she wrote in the caption of a series of party photos.

“The vicious hatred I’ve received from strangers stings a lot less when surrounded by the ARMY of loyal friends and family who love and support me, lift me up and most importantly, know who I really am. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters,” she added.

In response to the post, former Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn, who suffered her own falling out with Chrishell, weighed in.

“You deserve everything … I love you,” she wrote, along with a flower emoji.

Selling Sunset season six is currently streaming on Netflix.