Chrishell Stause Reveals Sad Reason for Jason Oppenheim Split as He Also Speaks Out, Plus Brother Brett Slams Claims of “Just for TV” Romance, and Cast’s Reaction

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Chrishell Stause Reveals Reason for Jason Oppenheim Split as His Brother Brett Slams Claims of "Just for TV" Romance

Chrishell Stause has just confirmed the reason behind her sudden split from Jason Oppenheim.

Hours after multiple sources confirmed the Selling Sunset cast members had called it quits, Chrishell, 40, explained why she and Jason, 44, broke up in a post on Instagram, in which she said she felt obligated to be “open and honest” with her fans and followers about what was going on in her personal life.

“It felt scary and terrifying knowing that it may not end in what society deems a success and what I am ultimately looking for. But after many long heartfelt talks, I am choosing to see it as a success no matter what label is attached to it publicly,” Chrishell began on December 21 of her relationship with Jason, which began in May.

“Jason was and is my best friend, and other than our ideas for family ultimately not being aligned, the amount of respect and love we have for each other will not change going forward,” she continued. “Men have the luxury of time that women don’t and that’s just the way it goes.”

Although Chrishell went on to say that she would be focused on her plans for a family moving forward, she applauded Jason for his honesty in the situation.

“I very much hope to one day have a family and decisions I make at this point are with that goal in mind,” she said. “Thank you Jason for the most incredible relationship and for consistently being honest with me even when it hurts.”

While Jason’s twin brother, Brett Oppenheim, wouldn’t say much about Chrishell and Jason’s split when TMZ spotted him walking on Sunset Boulevard with Mary Fitzgerald‘s husband, Romain Bonnet, he did respond to reports claiming the couple’s relationship was “just for TV.”

”My brother and Chrishell both love each other more than Jason has probably loved anybody,” he stated.

Then, confirming what Chrishell said about her plans for kids not lining up with those of Jason’s, Jason shared a statement of his own on his Instagram page.

“While Chrishell and I are no longer together, we remain best friends and we will always love and support one another. She was the most amazing girlfriend I’ve ever had, and it was the happiest and most fulfilling relationship of my life. While we have different wants regarding a family, we continue to have the utmost respect for one another,” he wrote. “Chrishell is an exceptional human being and loving her and having her in my life is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.”

Selling Sunset Jason Oppenheim Confirms Chrishell Stause Split Was Prompted by Family Plans

As for how the cast of Selling Sunset reacted to the news, an insider told Us Weekly that Chrishell and Jason’s breakup is “definitely a surprise to some of their close friends.”

“They aren’t going around telling everyone about their breakup. Some cast just found out about it today,” the source said on December 21. “Those who have hung around them actually thought they were headed for marriage, not a split. They seemed like a couple that was going to get married — they had great chemistry, they cared and loved each other.”

Just last month, during an interview with Reality Blurb, Amanza Smith said she was “so happy” when she first learned Chrishell and Jason were an item because she felt their relationship “made so much sense.”

“I’ve never seen him happier. I’ve not seen him so happy as I have as he’s been with Chrishell,” she told us.

Selling Sunset season four is currently streaming on Netflix.