Scheana Shay Talks Tom Sandoval Run-in With Brock & Tom’s Warning to Him, Plus Hardest Part of Raquel Drama, & Slams Her as “Dumb” Over Sandoval Postcard as She Also Reveals How Scandoval Has Impacted Her Thoughts

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Scheana Shay Talks Tom Sandoval Run-in With Brock & Tom’s Warning to Him, Plus Hardest Part of Raquel Drama, & Slams Her as “Dumb” Over Sandoval Postcard as She Also Reveals How Scandoval Has Impacted Her Thoughts

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Scheana Shay shared her thoughts on the postcard Raquel Leviss sent to Tom Sandoval at the home he still shares with Ariana Madix on Friday’s episode of her podcast.

As she revealed how she feels about Raquel copying her and her co-stars’ looks and detailed a run-in her husband Brock Davies had with Sandoval after the reunion, the Vanderpump Rules star’s attorney, Neama Rahmani, explained why Raquel’s reunion document meant nothing and confirmed the witnesses he was planning to call if her case went to trial.

On the June 2 episode of Scheananigans, Neama said that because Raquel went to court to file for the restraining order by herself, which is considered an ex parte filing, her request couldn’t be changed until the hearing.

“This is what I kept telling [Raquel]’s lawyer, but obviously, he didn’t understand,” Neama recalled. “So when [Andy Cohen] served [Scheana], there were two problems. The first was, as a matter of law, you can’t dismiss it. Second, what he gave you was the completely wrong document. It was a request to dismiss a civil complaint, which is a lawsuit. It has nothing to do with a restraining order. And that’s why we had to show up.”

While Raquel ultimately skipped the hearing to extend her restraining order against Scheana, Scheana and her attorney were present — and prepared.

“[It’s] like a full-blown mini-trial. Both sides show up, you call witnesses, you cross-examine them, and then the judge makes a decision … Sandoval was gonna be one of [our] witnesses … It was gonna be Raquel, number one, Sandoval number two, not because of what happened but because those were our two witnesses that we really needed to discredit.”

According to Neama, there could have been “real consequences” for Scheana had the order against her not been dismissed.

“If you violate the restraining order, you can go to jail. You can’t have a firearm. This isn’t like, a show anymore. This is real life with a judge, with a court with actual consequences that are going to follow you for the rest of your life,” he stated.

Looking back at the legal ordeal, Scheana said the worst part was that her gig as a mom to 2-year-old daughter Summer Moon could have been impacted.

“The hardest part about all of this was I’m a mom. I don’t want to do anything that’s going to get me in trouble that’s gonna take me away from my daughter,” Scheana confessed. “I was just like, ‘Oh my God, why did I do that that night, why did I push her? Why did you do that, Scheana?’ And I’m like, ‘There’s barkers and that night I was a biter, why couldn’t I just be a barker?’ Why did I have to push her?”

“I would’ve never in a million years thought it would’ve escalated this much, and I was freaking the f-ck out,” she added.

While chatting with fellow guest Lala Kent, Scheana admitted that although she was shocked to hear about the allegations against Randall Emmett, whose been accused of (but denies) abuse, fraud, and mistreating employees, she did witness some questionable behavior from the film producer.

“Knowing them from the time they started dating when it wasn’t public and going on trips with them and just being a part of their relationship and then, what a f-cking 180,” she proclaimed. “But now when I’m watching the documentary, I’m seeing all these stories come out, it’s like, ‘Yeah, I did see him treat his assistants like sh-t, but then I also saw him provide such fun experiences for his assistants.’ So I always chalked it up to like, ‘He’s just overwhelmed, she’s stressed out right now, and he’s probably going to apologize after.’”

And Lala agreed, saying, “[When] you’re a normal human being, and you see that, your mind tries to justify it, whereas, for someone like Randall, that is the classic way to abuse you mentally. They break you down and then build you back up so you’re feeling a little bit safer, and all is good, and then they break you down even further, to the point where you come out of it feeling like you don’t recognize who you are.”

In addition to the scandal surrounding Randall, Pump Rules season 10 was also rocked by the controversy known as “Scandoval,” which saw Sandoval cheating on Ariana with her then-best friend, Raquel, for months. And, although Scheana wasn’t the one cheated on, she was impacted by the betrayal in more ways than one.

Not only was Scheana heartbroken over the loss of friendships, but she also faced thoughts she would’ve never had before the scandal broke.

“This whole scandal has f-cked me up so much. I don’t ever think for one second anything would happen with Lala and Brock, but the internet does, and it does get in your head a little bit to where I had a dream the other night where Brock left me for Lala and raised Ocean and Summer together with Lala,” she admitted. “It does get in my head subconsciously. The amount of people constantly saying it… I don’t think that, but now it’s just like, it’s so annoying.”

Following the filming of the reunion, which saw Ariana and Raquel coming face-to-face for the first time post-affair, Scheana said Brock ran into Sandoval.

“He had said to Brock, trying almost to threaten us, but it was like, ‘I just want you to know, her family has a private investigator, and if they get this video, it’s going to be very bad for Scheana when it shows her punching her.’ And I’m like, ‘But I didn’t do it, so find the f-cking video,’” she responded.

Since “Scandoval” first broke, fans have been taking notice of Raquel’s habit of copying her castmates, including Ariana and Scheana. And, when addressing the matter on her podcast, Scheana suggested Raquel was emulating a “single white female.”

“All of our looks, every girl on the show, she’s copied our looks multiple times,” she explained. “You see it’s one after another. I’m like, this is single white female.”

Since the reunion, Scheana has had no contact with Raquel, who she used to count as one of her closest friends.

“I have not received a handwritten note. I’ve not received an apology. I’ve not received a text. I’ve not received anything from this chick,” Scheana noted. “[And] I know she’s capable of a handwritten note because she’s sending them to Tom Sandoval’s house in letter form, in postcard form.”

Speaking of the mail, Scheana shammed Raquel’s potentially “calculated” move.

“When she did the postcard, I’m like, You’re either stupid or you’re calculated. You know Ariana can’t legally can’t open up the mail you’ve been sending in an envelope, so now you’re sending a f-cking postcard so she can see it?’ You’re either dumb or calculated,” Scheana stated.

But Lala disagreed, stating, “I don’t think she’s smart enough to be calculated. There may be other people around her that are teaching her.”