Scheana Shay Shares the “Million Dollar Question” She Still Has on Sandoval Affair, Reacts to Claim of Talking About Raquel Too Much as Her Podcast Salary is Revealed

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Scheana Shay on "Million Dollar Question" About Sandoval's Affair, Backlash for Claim About Raquel's Parents, and Making “Well Over $100k a Month” on Podcast

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Scheana Shay claims there’s one major question remaining about the true timeline of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss‘ affair.

Following Raquel’s bombshell revelation at the Vanderpump Rules reunion, which revealed she and Sandoval slept together at his shared home with Ariana Madix while she was out of town attending her grandmother’s funeral, Scheana hinted there’s more to the story as she also reacted to backlash over claims made about Raquel’s parents and the amount she’s making on her podcast.

“It was 1.3 [million downloads] this past month. I just got my numbers today,” Scheana confirmed to host Jason Tartick on the May 29 episode of Trading Secrets, via Rate My Bravo on Instagram.

Then, when Jason suggested she should be making “well over $100,000 a month,” Scheana giggled before admitting she wasn’t sure of what she can share.

“I… I… I’m like, I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say about this. I feel like the email may have said ‘Keep this internally.’ But maybe bleep that part out. But yeah… It’s been better than ever, from a business sense,” she stated.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Scheana responded to statements from fans, one of which suggested she was talking too much about Raquel.

“What will your storyline be next season? Talking about Rachel, Raquel won’t cut it. Let the mouse go girl. Focus your attention on other things – like getting a better clothing and hair stylist for next season,” someone wrote after seeing that she suggested Raquel’s parents wouldn’t allow her to return to Pump Rules if it wouldn’t work in her favor.

“Joey. Variety asked HER about this. She did not ask Variety,” another fan defended.

“Ashley. She can also decline to comment,” they clapped back.

But in response, Scheana noted that when she participates in interviews, she is expected to answer the questions at hand.

“That’s not really how these interviews work. Why would I decline to comment on the truth?” Scheana wondered.

Vanderpump rules Scheana Shay Reacts to Backlash Over Raquel Comments

In another tweet, Scheana weighed in on a claim made by a fan page, who posed questions about why Sandoval would have questioned Peter Madrigal about his date with Raquel if their months-long affair hadn’t yet begun.

“One question I still have is, if the affair started at guys night, why did Sandoval care that Rachel went out with Peter & wanted to know if they hooked up? I def think it happened sooner or there was an emotional affair already happening,” they wrote.

“Million dollar question!” Scheana agreed.

Vanderpump Rules Scheana Shay Wonders If Raquel's Affair with Sandoval Started Even Sooner

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is expected to begin filming later this month.