RHONY Star Sai De Silva Details Run-in With “Total B-tch” Ramona Singer and Slams “Hater” Erin as Brynn Says Shep is “Cute” and Ubah Shares Advice From Cousin Chanel Ayan, Plus Cast on Sloppiest Drunk and Biggest Complainer

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RHONY Star Sai De Silva Details Run-in With "Total B-tch" Ramona Singer and Slams "Hater" Erin as Brynn Says Shep is "Cute" and Ubah Explains Chanel Ayan Connection

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The Real Housewives of New York City cast, including Jenna LyonsSai de Silva, Jessel Taank, Brynn Whitfield, Erin Lichy, and Ubah Hassan, appeared on Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live after the premiere episode of season 14, where Sai and Ubah looked back on their experiences with Ramona Singer.

While answering questions about the sloppiest drunk, biggest complainer, and biggest ego of the cast, Sai and Ubah dished on the series OG as Brynn expressed interest in Southern Charm‘s Shep Rose, Uban explained her connection to Real Housewives of Dubai‘s Chanel Ayan, and Erin revealed what it’s really like working with Million Dollar Listing: New York‘s Fredrik Eklund.

“He actually [high-kicks] all the time. He’s exactly what you see,” Erin told a curious fan on the July 16 episode of WWHL.

As for the best and worst parts of working with his team, she added, “The best part is that they’re very supportive and they’re always there to help and be there for you [and] the worst part is that it’s not my team, yet.”

Another caller wanted to know if Sai would show her husband on RHONY since she hasn’t on social media.

“I just feel like I’ve had this career for nine years, my personal life was no one’s business and now you know, come on in. Welcome!” she confirmed.

During the premiere episode, Brynn was deemed a “liar” by Erin. And while looking back at the tense moment, she admitted, “to be called like a bold-faced liar, that’s hard to hear.” Then, in regard to Erin feeling that she chose Sai over her, Brynn said Erin wasn’t being overly sensitive, but rather “she was overly accurate.”

Also during the premiere, Sai and Brynn refused to be seen at one particular Big Apple restaurant.

“We just have very high standards as New Yorkers, and when you’re in you’re in and when you’re out, we just don’t go there. We don’t [want to be seen there]. It wasn’t our vibe,” Sai explained of the snub.

Jessel was then asked about husband Pavit Randhawa’s reaction to her show revelations about their relationship.

“I’m sure he’s not surprised about anything, honestly,” she told host Andy Cohen.

Then, amid a game that called for them to point at their co-stars as they were described, the RHONY ladies named Erin as the biggest pot-stirrer and biggest crybaby, and they said she would have the most to answer to at the reunion. They also said Jenna or Sai was the richest, noted that Jenna has the most celebrity contacts, labeled Jessel as the biggest complainer, and named Brynn as the sloppiest drunk.

As for the biggest ego, Sai and Brynn pointed to each other as Ubah pointed out, “Confident is not ego.”

Ubah then looked back on a meeting with Ramona.

“First of all, she’s very beautiful, like, drop dead and gorgeous. She just asked, ‘You’re so pretty, are you married?’ And I was like, ‘No.’ She goes, ‘Oh honey, after this show, forget it,’ [meaning] I’m not gonna get married,” Ubah revealed.

“No one’s gonna want us … There’s a curse,” Brynn agreed.

Regarding her relationship with Chanel, Ubah said the RHOD star is her cousin.

“She’s my cousin on my mother’s side,” Ubah stated. “I never thought I would ever be on the show and so do her. You can see our similarities. She said, ‘Have a lot of fun just don’t go [to battle] all of you guys are all women and we should all stick together.’”

When the questions then turned to Brynn, she admitted to having an interest in Shep.

“I think Shep’s cute. It takes one commitment-phobe to know another commitment-phobe. What’s he like in real life?” she asked Andy, who confirmed he’s “exactly as he appears.”

“Perfect,” Brynn replied. “I like Southern Charm. I’m from Indiana. Midwest and the down south, we play it dirty.”

As for Sai, she shaded Erin for wanting to distance herself from her early on.

“She’s just being a hater,” she said as Erin named “Sai” as the cast member she was mad at.

Also on WWHL, Sai recounted an awkward run-in she had with Ramona.

“Ramona was a total b-tch to me at Art Basel,” Sai recalled. “I introduced myself. That didn’t go really well. She treated me like not a good fan, and then after that, I proceeded to say, ‘Oh I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m on the reboot, the new era.’ She said, ‘Hey, good luck, you’re gonna need it.’”

The Real Housewives of New York City season 14 airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.