Davina Potratz Talks Absence on Selling Sunset Season 6, Shares Where She Stands With Christine Quinn and Teases Her Potential Return, Plus Reveals Feud With Emma

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Davina Potratz Admits She Has "No Idea" Why She's Not Featured on Selling Sunset Season 6, Teases Christine Quinn's Potential Return

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Davina Potratz is responding to her season six absence from Selling Sunset.

As rumors continue to swirl in regard to whether or not Davina quit the Netflix reality show after she was noticeably absent from the series’ recent episodes, Davina said she has “no idea” why she wasn’t featured as she reacted to the possibility of Christine Quinn returning.

“I really don’t know,” Davina said of Christine’s potential comeback to the Daily Star on June 26. “I have no idea. Maybe there’s some possibility and you know, never say never but I don’t think it’s necessarily on the plate but it will be fun I think.”

Although Davina and Christine have butted heads in the past, Davina confirmed they are currently “in touch” as she revealed Christine offered her a series of apologies.

“[We] had never not had each other’s backs and she was saying things about me and we had a falling out that’s when I was really like, ‘Wow, things are, are going in a different direction,'” Davina recalled. “[But] she did apologize to me a few times, which I appreciated and I was kind of on the fence because you know, a lot of things have happened but we do share this bond.”

“We had a pretty intense experience on the show together and we were really close friends. So we talked and made up and now we’re close friends again. And we know a lot about each other. So it was really nice to support each other and yeah, she’s doing good,” she added.

During another interview with Daily Star, on June 24, Davina said that while she hasn’t been seen on Selling Sunset season six, she did film scenes and continues to be a part of The Oppenheim Group.

“I’m in the season. Yeah, I’m just not sure. I’ve also had a few moments with people but I have no idea why they weren’t shown,” Davina explained. “[And] I don’t know what’s happening for season seven.”

Looking back at the time she spent with the cast amid filming, Davina confessed to a dispute with Emma Hernan.

“I had a disagreement with Emma, and I had definitely more conversations with people they just weren’t shown,” she stated. “So not really sure what that’s about. A lot of people asked me why aren’t you in it more? I don’t know the answer that’s on the producers.”

Selling Sunset season six is currently streaming on Netflix.