RHOA’s Marlo Hampton Puts LaToya Ali on Blast With Leaked Texts Amid Drew Recording Drama, Signals to Lies as LaToya Claps Back

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RHOA's Marlo Hampton Puts LaToya Ali on Blast With Leaked Texts Amid the Drew Sidora Recording Drama, Signals to Lies as LaToya Claps Back

Marlo Hampton leaked a series of text messages sent between her and LaToya Ali amid Sunday’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

As the topic of whether or not Drew Sidora kissed LaToya continued to be discussed, with Kandi Burruss suggesting she believed it happened, Marlo, whose recorded clip of Drew denying the kiss has generated backlash, took to her Instagram page, where she posted the texts and slammed LaToya for failing to be honest on the show.

“Baby I got time on this rainy day in the A!” Marlo wrote on Instagram on August 6. “Lights, Camera, Action, And Scene … [LaToya Ali] it’s finally the 15 minutes of fame you’ve been on pins [and] needles for since [December 17], don’t get mad now that I left you on read … You couldn’t decide if you wanted to be a liar, work for hire, or real Aquarius G and tell your truth.”

In messages written from LaToya to Marlo in December, LaToya wrote, “Women … Wow … When the f-ck I smoked [back] in my 30s … That’s so sad she’s still talking about me.”

Then, after Marlo sent a message to LaToya, saying she needs to know “wtf [she’s] dealing with,” seemingly in regard to what Drew was saying behind her back about her supposed lies, LaToya insisted she does not lie about most things.

“I don’t lie about most sh-t. Most people smile in your face and talk the most sh-t behind your back which is what I’m seeing in these videos lol,” she noted.

“That’s what they do with us Aquarius,” Marlo replied.

As RHOA fans have seen, LaToya has been accused by Drew of lying about their alleged kiss in an effort to generate buzz for a past reunion. Meanwhile, Drew has been accused not only of kissing girls but also cheating on estranged husband Ralph Pittman with one particular ex-pro athlete: Tamera “Ty” Young.

RHOA LaToya Ali and Marlo Hampton Leaked Text Messages

As their messages continued, LaToya told Marlo, “I sent those videos to Drew,” before adding, “It [must] be the alcohol,” and, “That was so dumb.”

RHOA Marlo Hampton Leaked Texts With LaToya Ali

Months later, in a message from LaToya sent to Marlo in April, a link to an article from Love B Scott that discussed Marlo and Kandi putting Drew “on blast” was included with a message that read, “At the time of the clips I had my own motive but I’m tired of Drew lying on me. We need to meet up or have a conversation.”

“Call me when you free,” LaToya added.

In the article, the leaked recordings were detailed, with the outlet revealing that Drew’s denials of a kiss with LaToya were heard, as were claims from Drew in regard to LaToya allegedly lying about “f-cking” Prophet Lott.

RHOA Marlo Hampton Slams LaToya Ali for Lies, Leaks Text Messages

Following the sharing of Marlo’s post, LaToya reacted with a short comment.

“Thank you for adding another 15 to it,” she wrote.

RHOA LaToya Ali Claps Back After Marlo Hampton Leaks Texts

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