RHOA’s Drew Sidora Accuses Ralph of Being Source of Ty Romance Rumors as Marlo Wonders If She & Ralph Had “Open Relationship,” Plus Sheree and Sanya Weigh in, and Live Viewing

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RHOA's Drew Sidora Claims Ralph is Source of TY Romance Rumors as Marlo Wonders If She & Ralph Had "Open Relationship," Plus Sheree and Sanya Weigh in, and Live Viewing

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Drew Sidora is blaming rumors of a potential romance between her and Tamera “Ty” Young, 36, on her estranged husband, Ralph Pittman Jr.

As Marlo Hampton, 47,  posed the idea of Drew, 38, and Ralph having an open relationship with one other and wondered if the rumors of a romance with a woman were “planned, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star pointed her finger at Ralph as Sanya Richards-Ross, 38, and Sheree Whitfield, 53, shared what they learned from their respective partners, Aaron Ross, 40, and Martell Holt, 41.

“I don’t really have my ears to the streets like that so I wasn’t hearing a lot of rumors. Obviously, I know the stuff that they go through that we’ve all seen that they’ve struggled with, and the gaslighting and all that kind of stuff. But I was literally shocked,” Sanya admitted on the August 27 episode of the RHOA: After Show.

“It was a lot of rumors out there,” Sheree replied.

“There was a lot of rumors in the streets,” Marlo agreed.

And while Kandi Burruss, 47, has been accused of using the drama surrounding Drew and the potential kiss she shared with LaToya Ali, 36, to promote her film, Pass, she insisted she was not responsible for the rumors.

“I had nothing to do with that,” she stated.

Then, after Marlo and Sheree pointed out that Ty was at Kandi’s Pass party, Kenya Moore, 52, said “rumors are just that, they’re rumors.”

“Had I heard some things after they filed for divorce? [Yes], but never before. I just think you can’t believe anything that you hear and only half of what you see,” she reasoned.

After a season full of allegations regarding Drew and Latoya, Sanya said it felt “ironic” when rumors about her relationship with Ty first surfaced.

“Is this an open relationship, and maybe Ralph got jealous cuz she had better abs or something?” Marlo wondered.

“No. It wasn’t an open relationship,” Sanya replied as Marlo suspected it may have been “planned.”

“I wouldn’t put anything past them, but Ross and Ralph are really close, and I’ve talked to Ralph a couple times,” Sanya revealed. “I was reaching out to Drew a lot, too, and checking on her and stuff. From him, it seems like it’s real. And I always wonder, like, would Ralph put on for Ralph? Would they go that far? Would Ralph go that far to talk about how much it’s hurting him and all that stuff if they really weren’t going through it?”

“He and Martell are good friends too, and he’s definitely vented with him too,” Sheree added.

Meanwhile, in her own RHOA: After Show segment, Drew said Ralph allegedly teamed up with someone to share the photo of her and Ty online and imply they were more than friends.

“What I know now is it came from Ralph behind the scenes and wanting to crop a photo that had five people into it to two people and kind of throw a stone and hide his hands and partner up with someone to post it and kind of put it out there. And that’s what I know now,” Drew revealed. “I’m kinda getting used to things being said, things not always being true, and me just having to stand on my truth, what I believe, and kinda just deal with my real life.”

“When it came out it was definitely — on top of already what I [was already] dealing with — it just added further confusion,” she added.

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