RHOA’s Kandi Burruss Reacts to Claim of Using Alleged Kiss to Promote Movie as Drew Shares Where They Stand and Slams Marlo for Sending “Edited” Video to LaToya, Plus Live Viewing

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RHOA's Kandi Burruss on Using Alleged Kiss to Promote Movie as Drew Shares Where They Stand and Slams Marlo for Sending "Shady," "Edited" Video to LaToya

Kandi Burruss is speaking out against claims of using Drew Sidora‘s alleged kiss with LaToya Ali to promote her movie, The Pass, which stars her Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate.

As the cast continues to deliberate about what did or didn’t, go down between Drew and LaToya, who was contacted by Marlo Hampton amid the discussions, Kandi is firing back at Drew’s accusations as Drew reveals how she feels about the matter today and target’s Marlo’s “shady” video.

“It’s a shady video. If I am having a conversation, I’m defending myself, and then the way that she edited it and sent it, it wasn’t even in the full context,” Drew alleged on the August 6 episode of the RHOA: After Show. “Send the whole conversation. Send it from when I was asked the question and I’m responding to a question. Don’t take bits and pieces to where it’s just soundbites. You’re purposefully trying to instigate a situation.”

As RHOA fans will recall, Marlo filmed Drew without her knowledge as she denied having kissed LaToya and then sent the footage to LaToya. However, while Drew claims the footage she sent was edited, Marlo says otherwise.

“She tried to lie and say I edited the damn footage. I’m like, ‘Girl I barely know how to send a text.’ … That’s how you know she’s crazy,” Marlo noted, adding that she sent the clip to LaToya because she “thought [she] was cool” and should know what was being said about her.

“I’m like, ‘Let me LaToya know to stop hanging with this clown cuz this clown’s over here talking about her like this,’” Marlo recalled.

But Kandi said that if it were up to her, she would’ve acted differently.

“LaToya’s my girl too. I love LaToya to death. But I wasn’t necessarily gonna run back and tell her everything Drew may have said in the argument. It just was like, ‘What? Why did we bring LaToya in this?’” Kandi wondered.

Looking back at the way in which LaToya was contacted by Marlo, Drew said her efforts to create drama “fell flat.”

“Marlo didn’t know that LaToya and I had been on speaking terms and trying to get to a better place. So when LaToya and I talked, it was like, well nothing was said in the video that you haven’t said to my face. So it wasn’t so much offensive it was just like, ‘Why is my name getting brought up?’ And once she understood, like, I was asked about it, and I was answering and defending the truth, no more drama at that point. So what Marlo thought she was trying to do, it fell flat,” Drew stated.

Meanwhile, in another segment of the RHOA: After Show, Kandi addressed Drew’s suggestion that she pressed her on the topic of the kiss for the sake of her film.

“Why would you say that I would make that up to promote the movie?” Kandi asked her. “I didn’t understand why she was trying to say that I was forcing this for a promo.”

“Well it just, for me, I’m like, we have not been talking about this at all. Like, this happened in 2020… So I’m just like, ‘Why now are we talking and having this conversation?'” she explained. “And then it was like, ‘Oh well maybe because I’m about to do a movie involving that.’ That was my own thought. I own it. I was gonna ask you but it just got to you before I could.”

Drew shared that after Kandi first brought up the alleged kiss at their cast brunch, she mentioned it again during a conversation with Sanya Richards-Ross, telling her she believed Drew did kiss LaToya.

But according to Kandi, it was Todd who asked everyone.

“It wasn’t about you specifically,” she insisted.

Still, Drew told her, “We had a conversation so then it was brought up again in Portugal so I just felt, for me, I’m like, ‘Why do we keep bringing it up?’ And I did tie it to, maybe the movie. Because Kandi, well, [you are] a good businesswoman.”

Although Kandi may be a good businesswoman, she was unwilling to take ownership of having staged drama with Drew for her movie.

“I don’t fake drama for the sake of business,” Kandi noted, going on to point out, I did not make the video. I didn’t send it to LaToya. I wasn’t even there when you guys really started going back and forth so I just was like, ‘This is crazy.'”

“It honestly was a shock to me when LaToya told me she had a video sent to her. I was like, ‘Wait what?’ LaToya wasn’t even filming with us. She wasn’t even on the show at this time. It was like, you’re trying to be extra messy and start sh-t,” she continued of Marlo’s antics.

As for where they stand today, Drew said all is well between her and Kandi.

“We talked about it… [And] I believe her when she says this wasn’t to promote or anything like that,” she confirmed.

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