PHOTOS: Lindsay Hubbard Unpins Engagement Pics on IG & Attends Wedding After Carl Split, as Wedding Websites Remain Live and Insider Shares Latest Status, Plus Andy Cohen Reacts

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PHOTOS: Lindsay Hubbard Unpins Engagement Pics on IG, & Attends Wedding After Carl Split, as Wedding Websites Remain Live and Insider Shares Latest Status, Plus Andy Cohen Reacts

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Lindsay Hubbard has just been spotted for the first time since her split from Carl Radke.

Over a week after the Summer House couple’s breakup was confirmed, Lindsay, 37, attended the wedding of season one cast member Jaclyn Shuman as she unpinned photos of her and Carl’s engagement, and speculation grew as to whether or not their wedding is still on.

“It wasn’t planned, I will tell you that. I mean, my gosh,” Andy Cohen, 55, said on Andy Cohen Live, via a clip shared by Rate My Bravo on Instagram, after a caller mentioned the suspicions regarding a potentially contrived scandal.

After noting that he doesn’t like seeing couples break up, and shutting down speculation that they may still be together, Andy said fans of Summer House will learn more from season eight.

“There was a lot happening between them as the season was progressing from what I’ve been told from production,” Andy shared. “[And] you’ll see it all playing out on the show. But yeah, I mean, I was… I love when people come together and fall in love. I mean, so I root for all these couples.”

As Andy further confirmed Lindsay and Carl’s breakup, Bravo and Cocktails on Instagram shared a post in which someone else fired back at the ongoing rumors about the former couple.

“Guys. If the wedding is ‘on’ why haven’t they shut down the rumors?” they asked. “Perhaps it isn’t officially canceled at the resort/venue BUT it’s been over a week .. Wouldn’t they have at least been spotted in a Barry’s class if this was all BS and untrue…”

The fan page also shared messages that said, “It’s off … As you know.”

Summer House Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke Wedding speculation

Meanwhile, in another social media post shared by Bravo Breaking News on Instagram, someone noted that one specific guest had revealed that Lindsay and Carl’s wedding has not yet been officially canceled.

“There has been a lot of online speculation about Carl and Lindsay from Summer House. I can tell you from an invited guest, the wedding has not been called off, and guests are still planning on attending,” their message read.

Summer House Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke's Wedding Not Yet Called Off

Another skeptic wondered why websites for Lindsay and Carl’s wedding, which was set to take place in Mexico this November, are still live.

Summer House Lindsay Hubbard Carl Radke Wedding Websites Still Live

As Lindsay and Carl remain silent in regard to their split, Lindsay has made a pretty telling move on Instagram.

“Lindsay unpinned her engagement pictures!!!! (trust me I’ve been following all week),” a fan revealed to Bravo and Cocktails. “I check every hour lol.”

Summer House Lindsay Hubbard Unpins Engagement Pics Amid Breakup

Lindsay has also stepped out to enjoy a wedding.

In photos shared by Jaclyn on Thursday, she was seen in a low-cut, long white gown as she and other wedding guests posed alongside Jaclyn in front of a marina.

Summer House Lindsay Hubbard Attends Wedding After Carl Radke Split

Summer House season eight began filming in July and is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime later this year or early next year.