RHONY’s Brynn Whitfield Slams “Disgusting” Claims of Being “Sugar Baby” or “Escort,” Says Career Was “Omitted” From Show

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Brynn Whitfield

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Brynn Whitfield took to her Instagram Story at the end of last week, where she fired back at false claims of being a “sugar baby” or “escort.”

As the Real Housewives of New York City star pointed out her career was “omitted” from the series’ 14th season, she shot down claims of having her lifestyle paid for as she gave a nod to her many accomplishments, explained her career, and noted that she is “neither married nor rich.”

“…I’ve never claimed to be rich. Quite the opposite … On the red carpet at the premiere, there’s a video of a reporter asking me which Sex [and] the City character I am. I said: ‘I’m flirty/funny as Samantha, and the broke/witty one of the group like Carrie,” Brynn wrote in a lengthy post.

“In my Cosmo interview, I shared how during my RHONY auditions I kept saying: ‘I’m neither married nor rich, and I don’t own a house. I think you’re talking to the wrong New Yorker.’ …  I’ve worked super hard and have made a modest life for myself … It’s not rocket science you guys: Work in corporate America + No KIDS + No HUSBAND = money for yourself,” she continued.

Brynn also said that while she hopes to one day have “all the expenses that [come with] kids, husbands, houses and dogs,” she’s going to enjoy her “security [and] freedom” while she has it.

RHONY Brynn Whitfield Addresses Wealth Amid Sugar Baby Claims

In another post, which included an email about her education and career, Brynn said, “I flagged my career being omitted time [and] time again. It’s out of my control if you don’t get to see me working, and only see one side of me … Take it up with someone else but you’re sure as hell not going to say gross stuff about me sweetie.”

Although it wasn’t clear who the RHONY cast member’s email was to, it gave a nod to the fact that she is a graduate of Purdue University and has worked on a number of highly successful ad campaigns, including one for Dove and another for Zicam. She also has an impressive list of clients, including Shell Oil and Johnson & Johnson.

RHONY Brynn Whitfield Explains Education and Career Amid Rumors

In a third screenshot posted to her Instagram Story, Brynn called out a Bravo fan page, who had reposted messages about her being a “sugar baby” or “escort.”

“Reposting the things about me being an escort or sugar baby is disgusting. You should be ashamed,” she told the account. “My [curriculum vitae] is [five] pages long and my career is more decorated than most. There were countless days I was working so much I couldn’t even film most of the time. I can’t help if the edit chooses to not include that.”

“When you’re at the point I am in my career, you get to do this amazing thing called consulting. Which is what I do now for two skincare brands,” she added. “You’re super gross … And now you’re blocked.”

Then, in a caption, Brynn asked, “Anyone else wanna get blocked today? I don’t use social media to show me sitting on Zoom calls and making 50 page long business decks. Don’t confuse yourself.”

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