Southern Charm’s Taylor Ann Green Talks ‘Mixed Feelings’ for Austen, Shep Trying to Cheat on Her With Mia Alario, & Why She Lost Her Cool With Craig, Plus Shep Dissing Her as ‘Naive,’ and Her “Tough Season”

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Southern Charm's Taylor Ann Green Talks 'Mixed Feelings' for Austen, Shep Trying to Cheat on Her With Mia Alario, & Why She Lost Her Cool With Craig, Plus Shep Dissing Her as 'Naive,' and Her "Tough Season"

Taylor Ann Green knows she wasn’t at her best amid filming on the upcoming ninth season of Southern Charm.

Taylor, 28, recently spoke of her relationships with Austen Kroll, 36, and Shep Rose, 43, as she admitted to losing her cool with Craig Conover, 34. Plus, she looked back on the moment she caught Shep trying to cheat on her with Southern Hospitality cast member Mia Alario and offered an update on her friendship with Olivia Flowers, 31.

During another interview, on September 11 interview with Decider, Taylor looked back on the final moments of her relationship with Shep.

“We had the best time traveling. We went in early 2022 and were gone about a month. We did call it quits (on the vacation) a little bit early, but not because of anything going wrong between the two of us,” she recalled.

After having a “What am I doing with my life?” moment, Taylor knew she needed a change, especially since Shep was such a “liability.” That said, it wasn’t her who initiated breakup talks. Instead, it was Shep’s alleged efforts to be unfaithful that sparked their split.

“I caught him, for the fourth time, attempting to cheat,” she revealed. “This one was an attempted cheat — he wasn’t really successful — but that’s what started the whole breakup. That was with Mia Alario, who’s one of Leva’s employees.”

Although Taylor and Shep are on good terms today, Taylor didn’t like hearing that Shep recently said she’s still a “naïve girl from Asheville, North Carolina.”

“I definitely don’t agree with that assessment,” she stated. “If it comes to anything with Shep — because he gets away with murder — you can be seen as somebody like him as being naïve. I find myself to be wise beyond my years.”

Overall, while reflecting on the end of her and Shep’s romance, Taylor believes she struggled so much with the split because of her “forgiving spirit” and desire to work things out.

“He was the one [who] let me go,” she noted. “I’m very thankful for having him be the one to say, ‘I can’t do this. I know I’m gonna fail again, I know I’m gonna let you down. I know that I’m not gonna stay faithful to you, I have to let you go.’ So, sure, if he wants to say that I’m naïve because I wanted to work on things and actually try at something, then that’s his prerogative.”

Just after splitting last summer, Taylor melted down at the season eight reunion, which was understandably hard for her to watch back.

“I bawled my eyes out. It was really, really tough. Watching it back, living it all over again … I kind of unleashed, and that was not a pretty sight,” she confessed. “I felt like I just blacked out and things just started coming out of my mouth. And I had no idea what I was even doing or saying in that moment. You know, you see somebody who you loved and cared about for the past two and a half years of your life not showing any kind of remorse or emotion. And that was devastating to me.”

Moving on to the upcoming season, Taylor said fans will see that she “lost [her] cool” with Craig on the premiere episode after feeling that he failed to support her after her split from Shep.

“Wth Craig specifically, it was just very hurtful, because we used to be friends,” she explained. “He had always given me really good sound advice, especially when it came to relationships, or Shep.”

In addition to not offering her support, Taylor said Craig actually tried to silence her ahead of the season eight reunion.

“Craig had the audacity to text in a group message and say, ‘Can we not talk about the breakup until the reunion?’ That was really hurtful to me because I’m a human being, I have feelings, and you don’t care. You could give a rat’s a** about how I’m feeling and how the breakup has affected me,'” she shared. “And then to also go and find out that he knew about times that Shep had cheated on me? … He knew everything that was going on, and just decided to sit quiet.”

As for her relationship with Austen, Taylor pointed out that the two of them met just days after she met Shep and formed a “really fun friendship connection.”

“I would talk to him about Shep, and I felt like I was able to talk to him as I would talk to a brother. We get along really well,” she revealed. “He annoys the sh*t out of me, and vice versa [laughs] … Even when Shep was out of town, we would go to breakfast together. We would hang out together and crash at his place since he lives downtown.”

Continuing on, Taylor admitted that things began to get skewed after she split from Shep.

“When you’re in the most vulnerable state of your life, in that moment you can feel mixed emotions,” she explained. “And that’s exactly what happened. I felt as though ‘Maybe I have feelings, maybe there is something here with Austen?’ There was this moment in time that I felt like maybe there’ll be something more than just a friendship.”

After confirming that things “never equated to that” between her and Austen, Taylor admitted to having a “really, really tough season.”

“I cried more than I’ve cried in the past four years of my life. It was just a constant battle,” she revealed. “There’s that saying that ‘Hurt people hurt people.’ And as you’ll see in this new season coming out, I really start to spiral … I was really just in a bad, bad place in my life.”

Luckily, despite her hardships, Taylor said that she may have “one shining moment” if the viewers are able to relate to her.

Southern Charm season nine premieres on Thursday, September 14, at 9/8c on Bravo.