Southern Charm’s Taylor Ann Green on Possibly Reuniting With Shep Rose, What She’d Have Done if Shep Proposed, and Why She Wouldn’t Date Austen

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Southern Charm's Taylor Ann Green on What She’d Have Done if Shep Proposed, Possibility of Getting Back Together, and Why She Wouldn't Date Austen

Taylor Ann Green may have been heartbroken when she split from Shep Rose over the summer, but months later, the Southern Charm cast member claims she would have turned him down if he asked for her hand in marriage.

During a podcast appearance last week, Taylor looked back on her relationship with Shep, admitting that neither of them was ready to take that step. She also shared her thoughts on the possibility of striking up a romance with her other co-star, Austen Kroll.

“I would have said no if Shep proposed,” Taylor confirmed on the Side Piece Podcast. “I knew that neither of us were ready for it mentally. Looking back, I realize it was probably good we separated and went our separate ways.”

That said, Taylor isn’t closing the door on a future with Shep. After all, as she explained, “You never know what the future has to hold.”

“But there would need to be a lot of change that would need to happen and I’m not sure he would want to make those changes,” she added.

Also on the podcast, Taylor addressed the idea of dating Austen, who is not only a friend of Shep but also the ex-boyfriend of her good friend Olivia Flowers.

“Austen and I looked at each other and we were like, ‘Oh no!'” Taylor exclaimed of the possibility.

Although Taylor loves the friendship she and Austen share, she said she finds him too girly to consider him as a mate.

“I love Austen but he can be such a chick sometimes. We love to get on the phone and gossip. We are like two high school girls. I could never be in a relationship with someone like that,” she stated. “We have such a great friendship and I don’t think I could take it any further than that.”

Weeks prior to Taylor’s comments, Austen told Us Weekly that dating Taylor would be “crossing a whole bunch of lines.”

“I mean, I love Taylor to pieces, and I cherish her friendship, and we’ve gotten very close,” Austen explained. “She’s an important person in my life, and I wanna keep it that way.”

Austen is currently starring on Winter House season two, which airs on Bravo on Thursdays at 9/8c.