Southern Charm’s Craig Conover Talks Madison vs Austen Drama, Admits Shep and Taylor’s Split is “More Real” Than He Thought

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Southern Charm's Craig Conover Talks Madison vs Austen Drama, Admits Shep and Taylor's Split is "More Real" Than He Thought

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Craig Conover wasn’t initially sold on Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green‘s split. But now, as the couple continues to fuel rumors of a potential reconciliation, he’s starting to get on board with the idea.

During a new interview, the Southern Charm cast member admitted that Shep and Taylor’s breakup is finally starting to feel “real” before admitting that he’s “sad” about the split and noting that when it comes to the back and forth between exes Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy, he doesn’t believe Madison is harboring any deep, dark secrets about the beer master.

“It’s weird when you see your friends go through a real breakup and I think this has gotten a little more real than I thought it was gonna be,” Craig admitted to Us Weekly of Shep and Taylor’s split on September 7.

According to Craig, he’s not in the middle of the former couple, who split in July, in the way that Austen is, but he’s still disappointed that they couldn’t work things out after two years of dating.

“I’m a little more removed from it than like, Austen, who’s kind of in the belly of the beast with dealing with both sides. But breakups make me sad no matter what,” he explained. “This was a weird one but at the end of the day, there was a lot of love so I don’t know what’s best for them but yeah, it’s always a bummer.”

Also during the interview, Craig said that while Madison has seemingly alluded to potentially secret information she may be keeping in her back pocket about Austen, he doesn’t believe there’s much to it. In fact, he believes Madison gives Austen a hard time because she gets a lot of enjoyment out of it.

“I think Madison just loves messing with Austen,” he shared. “She’s able to get under his skin and she’s great at it. I think it just makes her, you know, she just has the biggest smile on her face when she does it so no, I don’t think she has anything on him.”

“I just think that she is good at like, picking at him,” he added.

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