Heather Dubrow Reveals If She’ll Return to RHOC, Talks “Deceiving” Post-Reunion Pic With Tamra and Taylor as Terry Dubrow Shades Cast

by Lindsay Cronin
Heather Dubrow Reveals If She'll Return to RHOC, Talks "Deceiving" Post-Reunion Pic With Tamra and Taylor as Terry Dubrow Shades Cast

Credit: Heatherdubrow/Instagram

Will Heather Dubrow return to The Real Housewives of Orange County for its upcoming 18th season?

During a joint interview with husband Terry Dubrow, 65, Heather, 54, spoke of her Bravo future and addressed the post-reunion photo Tamra Judge, 56, shared with her and Taylor Armstrong, 52, as Botched‘s Terry recalled operating on a woman who had concrete injected into her face.

“We passed on her at first, everyone else did, all the other plastic surgeons in the nation, and then we thought about it and I came up with a solution to use orthopedic tools to actually saw out the concrete, took her back on Botched, and it actually worked,” he told E! News.

Although some might be squeamish at the thought, Heather said she’s gotten used to seeing intricate surgeries play out on the show.

“It’s on a loop in our house,” she revealed. “This man was in the hospital, I was trying to save his life, and all he cared about was that there was a TV in the room … It was the Botched premiere. He loves [watching himself].”

As RHOC fans may recall, Terry suffered a near-fatal heart issue in August. But luckily, in the weeks since, he’s been feeling back to his old self.

Moving onto Heather’s show, Terry admitted it was “very difficult” watching season 17.

“They were particularly mean this season and who knew Ozempic caused those kinds of personalities?” Terry wondered. Heather added, “He gets very upset if someone hurts me.”

During recent episodes of the show, Heather has been at odds with nearly everyone. And while Tamra’s pic seemed to allude to a reconciliation, Heather clarified that not all is as it seems.

“Here is what I’m gonna tell you about pictures that can be deceiving: I’m definitely speaking to one person in that photo,” Heather said of Tamra and Taylor.

As for season 18, Heather said she’s on board — if Bravo will have her.

“I am very grateful for this platform and so you know what? If they’ll have me back, I don’t see why I wouldn’t hold an orange,” she confirmed.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.