RHONY Star Jessel Taank Slams Bethenny as “Most Overrated” Housewife, Claps Back at Sai & Brynn, and Claims Erin is “a Little Up” Jenna’s A**, Plus What “Irks” Her About Sai

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RHONY's Jessel Taank Slams Bethenny as "Most Overrated" Housewife, Claps Back at Brynn, and Claims Erin is "a Little Up" Jenna's A**, Plus What "Irks" Her About Sai

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Jessel Taank appeared on Sunday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she didn’t hold back when it came to her Real Housewives of New York City castmates and slammed former series star Bethenny Frankel as the “most overrated” Housewife of all time.

While seated alongside Below Deck alum Kate Chastain, 40, Jessel, 43, clapped back at Brynn Whitfield, 36, accused Erin Lichy, 36, of being up Jenna Lyons‘ a**, and revealed which of her co-stars had the longest list in her Notes app after the reunion.

“I think it might have to be Miss [Sai De Silva],” Jessel admitted on the October 2 episode of the WWHL: After Show. “It was such a long day. We definitely cleared some cobwebs.”

Meanwhile, on the live broadcast of WWHL, after confirming she had sex with husband Pavit Randhawa on “Saturday night,” Jessel shared “the one thing that irks [her] about Sai.”

“How do you not drink on Friday? It is the weekend,” she stated.

Jessel also shaded Sai, 42, for giving her a hard time over her upbringing story.

“There’s a difference between sharing and comparing and relating and comparing. No one’s comparing anything,” she clarified.

In addition to feuding over their lives and how they do or do not compare, the RHONY cast was faced with some prank drama in recent episodes after Ubah Hassan, 40, pushed Erin in the pool and Erin retaliated by taking Ubah’s phone.

After saying that Erin is “not good” at playing the game of telephone, Jessel looked back at the prank and said, “Let’s just not play with phones anymore.”

She then noted that when it comes to the RHONY cast, it was Erin who is most up the behind of Jenna, 55.

“I do think we see Erin going a little up there,” she shared.

Host Andy Cohen, 55, then wanted to know if Jenna, who recently debuted what appeared to be a diamond ring on her ring finger, was engaged to girlfriend Cass Bird.

“Oh, I can’t say,” Jessel insisted.

Continuing on about Jenna, Jessel called out Jenna for playing it safe on season 14.

“I think this entire season [Jenna] has been 2015 Taylor Swift. She has been so nice and sweet,” Jessel explained. “I wanna see like, The Devil Wears Jeans. The Devil Wears Denim. Miranda Priestly. And she’s got it in her because she called me out on the [Alexander Wang and Balenciaga] situation.”

Moving on to Brynn, Jessel pointed out that Brynn had called her “forgettable” the last time she was on WWHL.

“I just wanna say the Jessel memes to the Brynn memes, it’s kind of like this right now,” Jessel noted, holding her hands with one way above the other.

Jessel also threw some shade at Brynn’s RHONY reunion look.

“I think that she wasn’t dressed for her personality, Brynn was doing this whole Amish sexy thing. It was like, ‘Forgive me God for I have sinned.’ And I didn’t quite understand it,” she admitted.

Then, after being asked who is the most overrated Housewife, Jessel replied, “I think Bethenny Frankel is going off the rails.”

The Real Housewives of New York City season 14 airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.