RHOSLC’s Angie Katsanevas Accuses Meredith Marks of Cheating on Seth & Having “Multiple Personalities,” Shares Theory on Why She Spread Affair Rumors

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RHOSLC's Angie Katsanevas Accuses Meredith Marks of Cheating on Seth & Having "Multiple Personalities," Shares Theory on Why She Spread Affair Rumors

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Angie Katsanevas is taking aim at Meredith Marks, claiming she has “multiple personalities” and is cheating on her husband, Seth Marks.

During an interview earlier this week, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member, 49, looked back on their Palm Springs drama as she slammed Meredith, 51, for sparking rumors about her marriage to Shawn Trujillo and accused her of doing so for relevance.

“They have nothing else to talk about, and if I am making them relevant and basically bringing Meredith back from the dead last season? Hey, she’s engaging, good for her, love to see it. But there’s really, truly nothing about my marriage out in Salt Lake City,” Angie told Us Weekly on October 3.

On the latest episode of RHOSLC, newbie Monica Garcia said she was aware of the “rumors” Meredith had referred to, noting that Meredith allegedly heard Shawn was gay and cheating on Angie with other men.

“These girls are trying to be relevant, and I’m OK with that. I know the truth,” Angie said in response.

According to Angie, the rumors about Shawn are unfounded and upsetting considering how close Meredith is with the LGBTQ+ community.

“I say your jewelry’s dusty, and this is where you take it? Look, here’s the bottom line. If people need to hitch their wagon to me to be relevant, let them,” Angie stated. “Everyone in Salt Lake City knows the truth. These rumors about infidelity have never existed.”

Angie said that despite Meredith’s statements and innuendos about her relationship, she and Shawn are allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

“My marriage is real,” she continued. “These rumors are not, and that’s the bottom line … Meredith lives to spread lies about other people’s marriages.”

After seemingly giving a nod to Lisa Barlow‘s marriage, and the clams it faced from Meredith last season, Angie accused Meredith of cheating but refused to share details.

“Unlike Meredith, I’m going to take the high road,” Angie explained. “I don’t want to talk about anyone’s marriage or relationship because I have a daughter, I have a family, and I’m going to let her go low and I’m going to stay high.”

Also, during the interview, while looking back at Meredith’s dinner dramatics, which included the mentioning of the rumors about Shawn, Angie said, “I think Meredith has multiple personalities,” before noting that she seemed to have been over-served.

“It brings on these accents and these personalities,” she explained. “Well, good for her. She’s like that adventure book. ‘I can be anyone today. Today I am British. Today I’m Greek. Today I’m American. It’s fun. Good for her.”

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