RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Claims Meredith Marks “Doesn’t Live in Utah,” Shares Why She’s “Cautious” With Heather, and Talks Angie’s Husband Rumor, Plus If She Regrets Bringing Angie K. to Palm Springs, and Live Viewing Thread

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RHOSLC's Whitney Rose Claims Meredith "Doesn't Live in Utah," Shares Why She's "Cautious" With Heather, and Talks Mary's Return, Plus Addresses Rumor About Angie K.'s Husband

Whitney Rose claims Meredith Marks doesn’t actually live in Utah.

During an interview on Monday, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, 36, spoke of the living arrangements of Meredith, 51, while also detailing her status with Heather Gay, 49, reacting to the return of Mary Cosby, 50, and addressing the drama surrounding Angie Katsanevas, including a rumor Meredith brought up about her husband.

“The rumor that is brought up I have never heard and I’ve lived in Salt Lake City, born and raised there. Never heard it so it’s just a rumor, but it’s pretty intense,” Whitney teased on the September 18 episode of Access Hollywood‘s Housewives Nightcap. “It carries a lot of weight.”

In addition to bringing up the rumor about Angie K.’s husband, Shawn Trujillo, Meredith threw a fit over Whitney’s suggestion that her baths with husband Seth Marks were “dirty and gross.” However, according to Whitney, her comment didn’t come from a bad place.

“That was just like, to get out of a bigger issue. The questions I was being asked in that article were actually way bigger than that and the bathtub was just funny,” she explained. “So I felt like that was a big reach on Meredith’s part. She definitely was reaching but I think it was a lot of lingering emotions from the year prior. There [were] a lot of unresolved issues between Meredith and I with all the rumors around Lisa. She loves a good rumor.”

Following her tense season three with Meredith, Whitney caused some trouble when she invited Angie K. to their Palm Springs girls’ trip. Still, looking back, Whitney said she “absolutely” does “not” regret doing so.

“I’m so grateful that I did. It definitely was a risky move on my part but in the end, it played out to be the best for the higher good and for the good of the group,” she revealed. “If you’re gonna invite us on a girls’ trip, it’s open to all of us. Meredith wasn’t paying for it so I can bring a plus one. She never said I couldn’t. And, I don’t know how you make a commitment as a group to have a fresh start and then immediately exclude someone. How everything played out, I’m so glad I stood up and brought her. I’d want someone to do that for me.”

That said, Whitney admitted to expecting drama to erupt between Meredith and Angie.

“I knew that was gonna happen and I think that’s why it felt a bit mischievous. But it’s kind of like cooking: You’re putting ingredients together and you know it’s gonna create chaos in the pan for a minute but then the dish is so good,” she reasoned.

Regarding Mary’s return, Whitney admitted to being “nervous” due to the “bad note” they left on after season two.

“I feel like a lot of what happened in season two with everything online breaking about her, everyone was talking about it. She was just more mad that I talked about it. She wasn’t as mad with Lisa and Meredith, which is fine, but I never got the chance to work through that with her,” Whitney noted, saying it was “devastating” that Mary didn’t show up to the reunion.

“I knew it was gonna be a hard reunion but I wanted to talk through that with her and hear her side of the story so I’m anxious but I’m also hopeful that Mary and I can make amends,” she shared.

Then, when asked if they got the opportunity to make amends, Whitney replied, “Oh yes, absolutely. We had to fight for it.”

Whitney also had to fight for her reconciliation with Heather.

“I was very cautious, very hesitant,” Whitney confessed of her efforts to end their feud. “I knew it was gonna take a while to build trust back up, but when we met that day and talked, there was things that we both said to each other and apologies that were made on both sides that had never before happened so I’m hopeful, but I’m gonna be very cautious because I cannot sustain a heartbreak like that ever again.”

Equally as cautious, Whitney continued, is Heather.

“We love each other dearly and I think when you love someone that much, like listen, we’re family, you fight hard you, love hard, so when there is conflict, it hurts more with the people you love but I love Heather and it’s just so much easier when her and I are in a groove,” she stated. “We are [fun together].”

Now that things between Whitney and Heather are friendly, Whitney says she’s looking forward to having a better time at this year’s BravoCon.

“Last BravoCon was hell for Heather and I. It was so bad. It was so uncomfortable,” she said. “But Heather and I are back to like, sending each other funny memes, chit-chatting. We make our way back, but it’s rocky.”

Also during her discussion regarding Meredith and Seth’s bathtub scene, Whitney clarified that what she was so taken aback by wasn’t the baths themselves, but rather where these baths are taking place.

“The comment wasn’t really about the bathtub, it was about the fact that Meredith doesn’t live in Utah. She rents AirBnBs,” Whitney alleged. “That was the shade and so it was funny that everyone was caught up about the bathtub because I don’t know where Meredith lives, still till this day and it stresses me out. I’m like, ‘Where does she put her cups and her forks and her knives?’ I’m like, ‘Where does she keep her stuff because she has stuff.’”

While Whitney said that the location was “what the fight was really about,” she added, “It’s probably somewhere fabulous because Meredith is fabulous.”

According to Whitney, she loves Meredith. But when it came to season four, it took “a lot of time” for the two of them to get to a good place.

“There’s a lot more to come with Meredith and I so I don’t want to give it away but I do love Meredith. I consider her a friend,” she confirmed.

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