VIDEO: RHOP’s Gordon Thornton Accuses Mia of Marrying Him for Money & Sneaking Around With Another Man After He Gave Her Hall Pass, See Details of Shocking Allegations as Mia Seemingly Confirms She Has a New Man

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

RHOP's Mia Thornton Slammed by Gordon for Marrying Him "for Money," Affair With "Soul Mate" After He Gave Her Hall Pass Following Cancer Surgery

Mia Thornton‘s estranged husband, Gordon Thornton, is speaking out against her.

After reportedly being blindsided by the 38-year-old Real Housewives of Potomac star’s decision to separate, Gordon, 71, has accused Mia of gold-digging, saying he caught her sneaking around with another man — even after giving her a hall pass for sex to make up for the physical challenges he faced after a recent prostate cancer surgery.

Speaking to TMZ, Gordon, who shares son Jeremiah and daughter Juliana with Mia, said that after Mia allegedly lied about why she was leaving him and began to impact their kids with her behavior, he decided to clap back.

Looking back, Gordon said he told Mia, “‘I know there is gonna come a time when I probably won’t be able to satisfy all your needs. I want you to know that I am okay with you finding what you need elsewhere. I only have two rules. One is, don’t give me a reason to look for it. Secondly, keep the kids out of it. As long as you do that, I’m fine.'”

But after giving Mia permission to cheat, Gordon said he was disappointed to see that Mia was still choosing to “sneak around,” “lie,” and “continually change her story about what’s going on and why she’s leaving me.”

According to Gordon, Mia actually never told him why she decided to leave him. Instead, she’s informed him about the other man in her life and their plans for the future.

“She’s told me that this guy’s her soulmate,” Gordon revealed. “I said, ‘Well babe, you have the best of both worlds. I’ve said you can see someone. Just don’t make it public and don’t involve the kids.’ Well, she was still sneaking around and thinking I don’t know.”

Moving on to Mia’s motivation for marrying him, Gordon said it was financial.

“I do agree that Mia married me for money and the future that she thought I could provide. I absolutely believe her leaving me now is tied to the fact that I don’t have access to assets and my funds are limited at this point in time, that she now has access to funds and this guy that she’s seeing, she believes has access to funds and I think she’s leaving me for that reason,” he explained. “She’s mentioned that they’re gonna be buying a house together and doing businesses together and other kinds of things together, which tells me that the interest is based on monetary gain from the relationship so I absolutely believe that she’s leaving me because she sees an upgrade.”

As for his own future with Mia, Gordon added, “My desire is to never, ever, ever be associated with her again beyond our co-parenting situation. If we end up getting back together it would only truly be for some advantage it would give the kids. It wouldn’t be for love on my part because right now, I can’t trust her. I don’t believe what she says [and] I don’t believe that she loves me.”

Following Gordon’s interview, Mia appeared unbothered as she took to her Instagram to share a new video of herself at a photoshoot with the caption: “P E R S E V E R A N C E ???? — Lead with LOVE always,????MiAmor.”

Mia’s former BFF Jacqueline Blake also commented on Mia’s post, seemingly confirming Mia had a new man by writing: “Good D does a BAWDY Good!”

Mia responded to Jacqueline with a heart and kiss emoji, seemingly confirming the two ladies are back on good terms, and that she does indeed have a new man in her life.

As RHOP fans may have seen, Candiace Dillard-Bassett, 36, addressed the news of Mia and Gordon’s split while appearing on the Right Answers Mostly podcast weeks ago, sharing that Gordon contacted certain cast members after “[moving] out” and attempted to share “tea.”

“I was not aware that they were having marital issues until Gordon, first he texted, and was calling [Chris Bassett] and [Eddie Osefo] and was like, ‘Mia, I’m leaving her and I moved out,’” she recalled. “This was like last month. And G was like, ‘I want to give Candiace and [Wendy Osefo] all the tea so they can know what’s going on.’ And I was like listen, I will get involved in a lot of s**t… I am not. I don’t want that karma on me. I am not getting involved in anybody’s marriage.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac season eight premieres on Sunday, November 5, at 8/7c on Bravo.