RHOP’s Mia Thornton Talks Having to Move Out of Mansion Amid ‘Financial Setback,’ Admits She’s Been “Humbled” & Responds to Fans Saying It’s Karma For Shading Wendy’s Finances, Plus Live Viewing

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RHOP's Mia Thornton Confirms "Unforeseen Circumstances" Led to Move From Mansion, Admits She's Been "Humbled" After Shading Wendy's Finances, Plus Live Viewing

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Mia Thornton and her family, including her husband Gordon Thornton, have moved out of their mansion and into a penthouse apartment.

In an announcement shared to the Real Housewives of Potomac cast member’s Instagram page on Thursday, Mia revealed that she had to move out of her “big house” due to unforeseen circumstances, potentially giving a nod to claims of Gordon’s brother stealing their money.

“Reverse, reverse. Yes, we MOVED!” she confirmed on January 5. “This was bittersweet as we anticipated living in the big house for at least 3 years while we decided to build/purchase, continue to rent who knows, but due to unforeseen circumstances, our big space got cut short. One thing about me, I never stay down for long. Minor setback! Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to show you our new space! Elevator up … Penthouse Living, we return!”

Then, after sharing a series of hashtags, including “blessings,” “the comeback,” “is always better,” and “I have work to do,” Mia said she was “sending love, peace, and prosperity” to her followers.

“Life is tough, but don’t give up when things happen to you. Keep pushing, realign with your purpose and keep pushing!” she advised.

RHOP Mia Thornton Confirms She's Moved From Mansion Due to Unforseen Circumstances

But in the comment section of her post, fans spotlighted past comments she made to her RHOP castmate, Wendy Osefo, suggesting that Mia’s current situation could be the result of karma.

“[You] said so much that [Wendy Osefo] has no money otherwise she wouldn’t sell candles….now you see? No one knows tomorrow but hey you still have what it’s takes to live your beautiful life. God blessings always,” one person wrote.

And Mia agreed.

“Facts. I’ve been humbled for sure!” she confessed. “Forgot why God brought me here for a second. Promise to do better, because I swear I don’t like what I’m watching either.”

RHOP Mia Thonton Humbled as She Moves From Mansion

A second person also mentioned Mia’s statements regarding Wendy’s finances and targeted her alleged cancer lies.

“Funny how life comes back full circle … You tried to make fun of Dr. Wendy’s finances but we all know her family is just fine in that department. Her husband is a lawyer, and she has several incomes from her many jobs. You rented that house plus faked a cancer storyline just to be back for your second season because word on the street is you weren’t going to be asked back,” the Instagram user stated. “Now look how that turned out it has all backfired. Your husband’s family has limited your money, but yet you claim to be a boss….boss where??? Moral of the story is, be careful on how you treat others and the kind of energy you put out because KARMA is a beeeotch!! And Mia can we stop with the lies the lies because you’re clearly a habitual liar it’s really concerning. That will be a great first step.”

In response, Mia told her critic to “go somewhere with their “18 followers” and said “no one fakes cancer.”

“This is what I was told I had my love,” she explained. “Now what else did I lie about? Since you know everything.

RHOP Mia Thornton Explains Cancer Scare, Denies Lie

Also in the comments section of her Instagram post, Mia reacted to someone who suggested she’s not always honest.

“One thing about Mia is she is sometimes real and truthful, and this post is so real,” they wrote, offering just a bit of shade.

“Thank you,  I’m actually real and truthful all the time, my life is wild and crazy, and I sometimes forget things,” Mia clarified. “Not intentional, Promise.”

RHOP Mia Thornton Claims She's Real and Truthful All the Time

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live in November, Mia offered an update on her family money drama, telling host Andy Cohen that it was “not resolved” and that there were “lots of lawyers involved.”

“It’s gonna take a while,” she admitted.

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