Chris Bassett Shades “Miserable” RHOP Cast’s Lies as Mia Apologizes and Admits He Wasn’t “Inappropriate,” Plus Candiace Says She Can “Never Forgive”

by Lindsay Cronin
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Chris Bassett Shades "Miserable" RHOP Cast's Lies as Mia Apologizes and Admits He Wasn't "Inappropriate," Plus Candiace Says She Can "Never Forgive"

Chris Bassett has reached his breaking point with the women of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

After both Ashley Darby and Gizelle Bryant came forward, with Ashley suggesting she’d a received DM from Candiace Dillard-Bassett‘s husband, and Gizelle also accusing Chris of making her uncomfortable in a bedroom, Chris took to his Twitter page, where he clapped back at the women, suggesting their boredom and misery led to their false allegations against him.

“I am now fully convinced these women were bored as f-ck … got nothing going on, and just had to make up some bullsh-t. In NO WAY do I believe production had anything to do with this … just some miserable a– women on their own,” he tweeted.

A fan then asked, “When it gets to be this much, is it worth doing the show?” And Chris confirmed it was not.

“Nope,” he admitted.

Chris Bassett Shades Bored RHOP Stars for Making Up Lies About His Behavior

On her own Twitter page, Mia, who suggested Chris was staring at her awkwardly on Sunday night’s episode, backtracked on her claims against him, saying that while she did feel he was looking in her direction (which RHOP producers seemingly shot down by playing tons of footage in which he wasn’t looking), he was not doing so in an inappropriate manner.

“Nope. I felt stares for sure but not in an inappropriate manner,” Mia confirmed, via Bravo Snark Side on Instagram, in a tweet that seems to have since been deleted. “Honestly felt insecure because I was so skinny, pale, and frail from being sick. Nothing but love and respect for you and Candygal. So sorry for even saying it.”

RHOP Mia Thornton Denies Feeling Chris Bassett Was Inappropriate

But also on Twitter, after a fan confronted her about her lies, Mia laughed off her reckless accusations.

“Whatever [Mia Thornton] got to add about [Chris Bassett] is a lie! The b-tch lies about everything! Why even keep her on the show? Sick of her getting away with all that damn lying!” the fan wrote.

“Lol! Prolly … I don’t remember,” Mia laughed.

And after seeing the not-so-funny tweet, Chris wrote back to Mia.

“Not cool… AT ALL,” he stated.

RHOP Chris Bassett Claps Back as Mia Thornton Jokes About Inappropriate Behavior Accusations

Candiace also got in on the action on Twitter on Sunday night, slamming her RHOP co-stars for crying “sexual assault” in an effort to amp up ratings on their show.

“Word [to] the wise when embarking on an egg freezing journey: don’t do it while shooting a show w/ desperately poor unfortunate souls who will cry sexual assault for ratings. That was some of the hardest terrain I’ve ever climbed — realizing outside factors could derail my journey,” she tweeted.

Then, after a fan responded, claiming that Gizelle had continuously said Chris didn’t do or say anything inappropriate, and wondering why Candiace and Chris were being “so defensive,” Chris clapped back.

“Keep watching, there is more coming … and Gizelle said tonight I ‘DID’ something … it’s her word choice that is the problem,” he replied.

RHOP Candiace Dillard Slams RHOP Cast for Crying Sexual Assault for Ratings

Later, Candiace also tweeted that she could never forgive Gizelle for her claims against Chris.

Even when I tried to let it go, I couldn’t let it go. I’m never letting it go. Esp after seeing the smirks and added hot sauce. It’s foul and disgusting and hurtful and desperate and evil and I can never forgive it. And I tried. Really. #RHOP,” tweeted Candiace on October 24.

The Real Housewives of Potomac season seven airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.