Southern Charm’s Taylor Ann Green Addresses Cheating Claim Against Paige, Where She Stands With Austen Today, and Recalls Talking Marriage With Shep, Plus Why Olivia and Rod Won’t Work

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Southern Charm's Taylor Ann Green on "Proof" of Paige's 'Cheating,' Talking Marriage With Shep, and Where Stands With Austen Today, Plus Why Olivia and Rod Won't Work

Taylor Ann Green appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live last week, where she opened up about the cheating claims she made against Craig Conover‘s girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo.

In addition to looking back on the conversations she and Shep Rose, 43, had about marriage, offering an update on where she stands in her friendship with Austen Kroll, 36, and revealing how many times she spent the night at Austen’s home, the Southern Charm star, 28, explained why she doesn’t believe Olivia Flowers, 31, and Rod Razavi, are a good fit.

”Rod is an amazing human being. He really is. He’s amazing but I think Olivia likes a little spice in her life and Rod’s just too nice,” Taylor explained on the October 12 episode of the WWHL: After Show.

As Taylor appeared on Andy Cohen‘s late-night talk show with Jax Taylor, 44, she was questioned about whether or not her alleged hookup with Austen was “another Scandoval“-type situation.

“No. Nobody was dating anybody. Everybody was single,” she clarified on the live broadcast of WWHL.

Looking back at her encounter with Austen, which she insists was no more than a kiss, Taylor admitted she was more worried about Olivia finding out and noted that she “100 percent” regrets telling her in the middle of her fancy meal with her castmates.

As for why she jeopardized her friendship with Olivia to begin with, especially knowing Austen’s past relationship struggles, Taylor said, “It was just being in a vulnerable situation. There’s no rhyme or reason as to some of the things that you decide to do.”

“It was just curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat,” she noted.

Continuing on about her relationship with Austen, Taylor said she’s “crashed [at his house] probably about 10 to 15 times” and confirmed he “has a bed in both of his guest bedrooms.”

She then said that when it came to agreeing to keep their fling a secret, she was following Austen’s lead.

“Austen’s a vet here,” she stated. “[I was] following in his foottracks, which maybe wasn’t a good idea. We had agreed to keep things hush-hush.”

Despite her decision to pursue Austen, Taylor said that on a scale from one to 10, she didn’t truly want things to work out between them.

“A one,” she shared.

Although Taylor and Austen didn’t end up in a romance, Taylor said the two of them are just as close now as before their fling — and the fallout that ensued.

“Absolutely. We’re still good friends,” she revealed.

Taylor went on to say that she “absolutely” did not have feelings for Austen during her two-year relationship with Shep and noted that she wasn’t surprised to see Shep and Austen make nice so quickly.

“Shep is a very kindhearted forgiving human being and it didn’t surprise me at all,” she explained.

Moving on to her relationship with Shep, Taylor said he was “not” in love with her during the peasant dinner before reacting to his emotional reaction to her reunion with Little Craig.

“It was [sweet], but I mean obviously that was like our little family so it was emotional, but Shep cries at documentaries,” she shared.

During their romance, which came to an abrupt end last summer amid claims of Shep cheating on her with multiple women, Taylor said that she didn’t feel led on by her ex.

“We did talk about marriage. I wouldn’t say led on but I think he was just hopeful for something different. That’s who Shep is,” she told Andy.

As for her cheating claims against Paige, Taylor reacted to someone who asked why she would say such a thing without proof.

“Who’s to say that there’s zero proof?” Taylor replied, then adding, “But I did repeat a rumor and I regret that. It was at BravoCon last year. I heard it going around. I heard it and I repeated it and I regret that. It was just a rumor. It really was.”

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