Tristan Thompson’s Ex Jordan Craig Accuses Him of Owing $224K in Child Support for Son Prince, Wants His NBA Wages Garnished as His Earnings & Child Support Amount Are Revealed

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Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama Jordan Craig Claims She's Owed $224k in Child Support for 6-Yr-Old Son Prince, Wants $80k Per Month From His NBA Earnings

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Jordan Craig claims Tristan Thompson is in arrears on his child support payments for their six-year-old son Prince, the oldest of his four children, to the tune of $224,000.

Weeks after her sister, Kai Cyre, 31, called out the NBA player, 32, slamming him as an absentee father after Kim Kardashian, 43, praised his parenting on an episode of The Kardashians, Jordan, 32, is requesting his earnings from the Cleveland Cavaliers be garnished.

After agreeing on a child support plan in early 2019, Tristan began paying $40,000 per month in April of that year. However, according to a September 13 declaration obtained by Daily Mail, Tristan started making “either partial payments or missing child support payments altogether” in November 2022.

As Jordan, who dated Tristan from 2014 to 2016, alleged, Tristan sent her a half payment in November, paid in full in December, and gave her nothing for Prince in January. Then, from February to July, the professional athlete made six payments of $14,500, and in August, he sent $29,000.

In her court documents, which she filed in Los Angeles, Jordan is requesting the athlete’s income from the Cleveland Cavaliers be garnished.

As fans may know, Tristan rejoined the Cavaliers earlier this year with a reported $2.7 million-per-year contract after temporarily leaving the team for a stint with the Boston Celtics in 2020. However, when the agreement for child support was made with Jordan, he was said to be making $17.7 million yearly.

As Tristan remains behind in his payments, Jordan hopes to get an order into place that will withhold Tristan’s earnings in the amount of $80,000 a month — and “stay in effect until the arrears are satisfied.”

“It is my belief that Tristan signed a ‘veteran’s minimum’ contract with the Cavaliers that pays him $2.7 million per year. The $80,000 request is certainly less than half of his monthly salary,” she wrote.

News of Jordan’s filing comes just after Kim applauded Tristan, who shares two children with her sister Khloe Kardashian, 39, including daughter True, 5, and son Tatum, 1, as a great dad.

“He’s such a good friend and he’s such a good, like, dad … He’s also shown so many decent things,” Kim stated on her family’s Hulu series. “[He] just has been a really good person and friend.”

“When he saw me struggling with my kids, he stepped up. He started showing up to the games. He picked Saint up. Takes them to dinner and will always come to my defense, especially if it’s stuff with me and my ex and I just never forgot that,” she continued. “So it’s like, I’ll never really throw someone away and act like I feel like they can’t grow and evolve.”

But after the episode aired, Kai clapped back, claiming Tristan, who also shares one-year-old son Theo with ex Maralee Nichols, is far from a stellar parent.

“Tristan has not paid that child support in a very long time and has stopped paying Prince’s school tuition,” Kai wrote on Instagram. “Yet he’s being applauded for pickup up/dropping off other kids to school/activities. He hasn’t even inquired where Prince goes to school now. Despite it all, my sister continues to work multiple jobs as she has since she was 16-years-old, so that Prince will never have to feel a difference. But regardless, stepping up for your son is not all about money it’s about the time spent.”

“[Tristan Thompson],” she added, “you are NOT a good father if you can’t be a good father to ALL of your children.”

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