RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow Addresses Heather’s “Obsessive” Reaction to Jack’s Mission, Meredith’s Accident & an Update on Their Relationship, Plus Whitney’s Marriage Drama, as Andy Teases Reveal of Who Gave Heather a Black Eye

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RHOSLC's Lisa Barlow Addresses Heather's "Obsessive" Reaction to Jack's Mission, Meredith's Accident & an Update in Their Relationship, Plus Whitney's Marriage Drama, as Andy Teases Reveal of Who Gave Heather a Black Eye

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Lisa Barlow spoke of Heather Gay‘s reaction to her son Jack’s mission and Meredith Marks‘ over-the-top antics about her car accident on Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

While also sharing her thoughts on Whitney Rose‘s marriage issues and Monica Garcia‘s ongoing drama with her mom, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, 48, named which cast member “ghosts” the group most as Andy Cohen, 55, confirmed that the person who gave Heather, 49, a black eye during season three will be revealed on season four.

“We think [it was Jen Shah] and we’re gonna find out later this season,” Andy stated on the October 31 episode of the WWHL: After Show.

He then asked Lisa about the “biggest misconception” of Mormonism.

“I think when you listen to Heather talking about the church, you think there’s all these crazy rules and there’s only way to live it and there’s actually multiple ways to live it. It’s personal,” Lisa replied. “It’s really interesting and not this taboo religion where you can’t do certain things, and if you do them wrong, you’re kicked out.”

According to Lisa, who describes herself as a “reformed” Mormon, she doesn’t feel that it’s odd that she owns a tequila company — despite alcohol being frowned upon within the community.

“It’s like owning an apparel company and saying like, like based on what Heather’s saying, if you own an apparel company that doesn’t cover your shoulders, you’re not worthy to go to church. It’s not like that,” she explained. “My bishop’s in weed … He doesn’t sell it but they produce it.”

Meanwhile, on the live broadcast of WWHL, Lisa addressed Tuesday night’s RHOSLC episode, which featured Monica, 39, at odds with her mother, Linda, for the second time this season.

“I definitely don’t think they have a good relationship. It’s disturbing. But I still would never talk to my mom like that,” she noted, proceeding to say it is “probably Monica” who has the darkest secrets of the cast.

As for who ghosts the group most, that honor went to Heather.

Continuing on about Whitney’s marriage, Lisa admitted she “was definitely surprised” to hear that she and Justin Rose were struggling.

“I don’t think she comes off as having problems in her relationship. I think her and Justin seem happy and fine. So it was a little shocking,” she shared.

Although she and Meredith, 51, ended season three in a bad place, Lisa confirmed the two of them are doing much better today.

“Meredith and I are in are in a good place right now. We can actually text and call, which it wasn’t like that two years ago,” she explained.

That said, Lisa wasn’t buying the dramatics of Meredith’s car accident.

“I drove by her car accident and it probably didn’t look as traumatic as she felt. I’m being honest. And I think if you’re not used to driving up and down a canyon it’s scary but I think she was okay,” Lisa noted.

Lisa went on to reveal details about Jack’s mission to Colombia after confessing to being “a little irritated” that John Barlow knew about it weeks before she did.

“He can call home once a week on Mondays and the conversations aren’t long but he’s doing amazing,” she confirmed. “It’s hard work. Hard. It’s kind of scary because we’ve had friends that have had their kids go on the same mission, and literally, they’re either held up at knifepoint or gunpoint. And I don’t think it’s an anomaly but we love Colombia. Doing the Lord’s work.”

As for Heather’s reaction, Lisa wasn’t a fan.

“I think Heather has had a totally different experience in the church than I have. When she talks about the church, I’m like, I don’t even know what church that is. And it seemed so obsessive about Jack’s decision and I really think it comes down to how she feels about the way she left the church,” Lisa suspected, adding, “I think it’s judgey.”

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