RHOSLC: Monica Garcia’s Mom Linda Calls Her Out For Doing Her “Dirty,” Claims Monica “Begged” Her to Do Show and Insists She Didn’t Abandon Daughter

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Monica Garcia's Mom Linda Claims She "Begged" Her to Do RHOSLC and Did Her "Dirty" While Insisting She Didn't Abandon Monica and Saying She's a "Devoted Mother"

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Monica Garcia‘s mom, Linda, spoke out against her on X after appearing on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City earlier this week.

After getting caught in the middle of the cast’s ongoing feud over rumors suggesting Angie Katsanevas‘ husband, Shawn Trujillo, has engaged in romances with other men, and after Monica, 39, said on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday that her mother is never on her side, Linda shared a lengthy message on social media.

On the most recent episode of RHOSLC, Angie and Shawn threw an Easter party for their friends, family, and castmates, and Monica came to the event with Linda and her kids.

While the event, of course, was meant to be fun, Angie’s marriage took center stage as the cast argued about the swirling rumors regarding Shawn. And amid their dispute, Linda tried to intervene, speaking in Portuguese as she did so, before attempting to remove Monica from the situation by taking her to the restroom.

Things between Monica and Linda quickly intensified with Monica growing upset about her mother’s lack of support and Linda feeling embarrassed that Monica was acting out at the family-friendly event.

Ultimately, Monica took her kids and left the event, telling Linda to find another way home.

Then, following the episode, which featured a number of the ladies expressing disgust over Monica’s disrespectful antics toward her mom, Angie appeared on WWHL, where Andy Cohen, 55, wondered why Linda didn’t have her back.

“You know, that’s just the story of my life. I don’t know. You’d have to ask LD, I guess,” she replied.

Two days later, in a post to her followers, Linda clapped back at the controversy, accusing Monica of doing her “dirty” on the Bravo reality show.

“Monica begged me to do this reality show with her. Begged. I didn’t want to do it. She told me all I had to do was cook and speak Portuguese. How did she return the favor? She did me dirty,” Linda wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, on October 19. “Meanwhile, I would never compete with my only child–unless it’s sports. I’m too smart to try to go up against Monica, she’d chew me up and spit me out. Lastly, I never abandoned her. I always put her needs above my own, even in her adulthood. I’m not a perfect human but I *am* a devoted mother and Vóvó. God bless us everyone.”

Monica Garcia's Mom Linda Accuses Her of Doing Her Dirty on RHOSLC

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