RHOBH’s Sutton Stracke Addresses Kyle Richards’ “Low Blow,” Blames Personal Issue for Magic Mike Meltdown & Denies Garcelle’s Claim, Plus She Talks $300k Monthly Alimony Payments, and Denies Making Fun of Erika’s Ticket Sales

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RHOBH's Sutton Stracke Addresses Kyle Richards' "Low Blow," Blames Personal Issue for Magic Mike Meltdown & Denies Garcelle's Claim, Plus She Talks $300k Monthly Alimony Payments, and Denies Making Fun of Erika's Ticket Sales

Sutton Stracke appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she opened up about her Magic Mike meltdown and the reaction Garcelle Beauvais and Kyle Richards had to it.

Following the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which featured the fallout of Sutton’s behavior at the Magic Mike show, Sutton, 52, attempted to explain herself while also reacting to Kyle’s suggestion that she’s only friends with Kathy Hilton, 64, for her connections and parties, defending her comment about Erika Jayne‘s ticket sales, and sharing the “funny” thing about Erika’s on-camera meeting with her therapist.

“Erika’s therapist is my therapist. Dr. [Ginne],” Sutton revealed on the November 15 episode of the WWHL: After Show. “When I saw that episode, I was like, ‘That’s Dr. [Ginne]. That’s my therapist.’ I have a lot of empathy. So I think [Dr. Ginne]’s gonna solve this problem. I had no idea until I saw [her] on TV. She’s a great therapist. She helped me through my divorce. She got me out of the bed.”

Although Sutton seemed to shade Erika’s ticket sales for her Vegas residency, Bet It All on Blonde, by saying she was too busy to attend and then joking at a live podcast taping that she could afford to take everyone present due to the low cost, she insisted on the live broadcast of WWHL that she was not poking fun at her castmate.

“I didn’t make fun of her ticket prices. Someone asked me about it and I just said, ‘I thought they were seven dollars.’ It’s what I had heard. And then they said, ‘No, they’re a dollar.’ And I said, ‘Well, I’ll take everybody,'” she clarified. “I wasn’t making fun of it. I want Erika to succeed. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. That was an audience question to me. I didn’t bring it up.”

After noting that it “wasn’t awkward seeing” Erika, 52, at BravoCon, Sutton shared her favorite part of the fan convention.

“I love meeting everybody, I loved meeting all the different franchises of Housewives. We have so much in common because we go through so much. There’s this underlying, ‘We made it.’ But I really got to know Heather Dubrow,” Sutton revealed to host Andy Cohen, 55. “I met her one time before but we hung out and that was really fun, and I loved getting to know [Kiki Barth].”

When she was then asked about her divorce from ex-husband Christian Stracke, Sutton confirmed that the $300,000 alimony figure was only partially correct.

“Well that’s kind of after taxes,” she explained, “and then y’all don’t even know what my assets are so just leave me alone.”

“If you want divorce advice, come to me,” she added.

According to Sutton, she would “of course” help Kyle, 54, through a divorce if that’s what she and her estranged husband Mauricio Umansky, 53, ultimately decide.

“I think just for all women in general. I really want women to understand finances and what they need to do to protect themselves and it doesn’t matter if it’s $50,000 or $500,000 or $5 million,” she stated. “We need to be very strong as women and support each other and know what we’re getting into in a marriage or a partnership.”

Looking back on her heated discussion with Kyle on Wednesday’s episode of RHOBH, Sutton felt her co-star had it out for her as she confronted her about her antics in Vegas.

“Kyle’s over at my house and I was really tired that day as well. It’d been a really long day and it kind of felt like she was coming for me and I wasn’t having it,” Sutton recalled. “Why? Why are you doing this? What’s up with you?”

Sutton didn’t understand why Kyle was so against her at that moment and felt her suggestion about using Kathy for her connections and parties was unfounded.

“I’m the one that has the parties. Kathy comes to my parties,” Sutton said. “[And] I met Kathy before I met Kyle and I love Kathy. We’re friends. That was a low blow.”

As for whether her Magic Mike meltdown was the result of being offended by the performance, or by not being involved in the show, Sutton said it was “a combination” of things, including a personal challenge she was facing that will be revealed later this season.

“It doesn’t excuse my behavior, but it will explain my behavior,” she shared. “I did wear the pants and I thought I was gonna be called up next and I was like, ‘Hell no.’ Because I’m not gonna get up there and simulate oral sex. That’s just not me. It just wasn’t my thing. At first, it was great. They kept their pants on and the dancing [was] so good. Those men are amazing and I just, I was nervous.”

She was also admittedly intoxicated.

“I think maybe because of my circumstance that you don’t know about, I was a little into my cups,” she explained.

Following her outburst, Garcelle suggested Sutton was after attention. However, as Sutton explained to Andy, she actually stormed out of the show for some alone time.

“I honestly went to the restroom. I wanted to collect myself [and] get it together,” she shared. “I didn’t ask anybody to follow me. Why are y’all following me? Leave me alone. Let me have my moment. Let me calm down. But they did not. I guess I’m a magnet for drama.”

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