PHOTO: RHOC’s John Janssen is Spotted Looking “Cozy” With Alexis Bellino at The Quiet Woman Following Reports Claiming Shannon “Complained” About Alexis at Bar Before DUI

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PHOTO: RHOC's John Janssen Spotted Looking "Cozy" With Alexis Bellino at The Quiet Woman Following Reports Claiming Shannon "Complained" About Her at Bar Before DUI

John Janssen and Alexis Bellino have sparked rumors of a potential romance just weeks after John’s ex, Shannon Beador, was accused of going on a tipsy rant against Alexis before her DUI and hit-and-run arrest in September.

Two months after the Real Housewives of Orange County star, 59, reportedly trash-talked her fellow Bravolebrity, and just after Alexis’ split from former fiancé Andrew “Drew” Bohn, John turned up with Alexis at The Quiet Woman restaurant, a favorite of Shannon, where they were said to be looking “awfully cozy.”

“I couldn’t help but wonder … is John Janssen the new Slade?” Bravo and Cocktails on Instagram asked with their photo of John, Alexis, and friends, giving a nod to Real Housewives serial dater Slade Smiley, 50.

“Looking awfully cozy with Alexis Bellino!!!!” they also wrote as Alexis seemingly rested her hand on John’s thigh.

RHOC john janssen and alexis bellino look cozy at the quiet woman

In another post, shared by Bravo Snark Side on Instagram, the fan page gave a nod to Shannon’s past issue with Alexis.

“Well now we know why Shannon was screaming about Alexis the night she got her DUI,” they wrote.

RHOC john janssen with alexis bellino after shannon complained about her at bar before dui

Meanwhile, more details about John and Alexis’ night out were sent to Real Moms of Bravo on Instagram.

“Hi there! I have another interesting sighting from the always entertaining Quiet Woman – spotted: John Janssen sitting next to Alexis Bellino! They were definitely there with other people but the moment he got up so did she … We left shortly after so not sure if they came back to the table or left the restaurant entirely but they were definitely cozy,” an eyewitness shared.

“It looks like she was also there with OC Ricky – the guy who used to be [Tamra]’s bestie and a ‘bridesmaid’ in her wedding. They had a huge falling out-then he befriended Gretchen and tried to create the ‘Eddie is gay’ story line!” they added.

RHOC alexis bellino and john janssen at quiet woman

As RHOC fans may have heard, an eyewitness told TMZ in September that on the day of her DUI and hit-and-run arrest, Shannon appeared to be intoxicated, exhibiting boisterous and loud behavior as she “[b*tched]” about Alexis, who was also present at the A Restaurant.

Following the incident, Alexis released a statement.

“When my girlfriends and I arrived for a fun night out together, it was soon brought to my attention that Shannon was also at the same restaurant,” Alexis recalled. “Shannon and I did not interact that night, but it greatly saddens me to learn that she may harbor negative feelings or resentment toward me, as I was not involved in Jim Bellino’s lawsuit against Shannon.”

“From one single mother to another, I wish Shannon nothing but the best as I know she is facing trying times ahead,” she added.

Years ago, Jim filed a $1 million lawsuit against Shannon and Tamra Judge, 56, alleging the women disparaged his business on Heather McDonald‘s podcast.