Alexis Bellino Shares Why She Ended Engagement to Drew Bohn, If She’ll Return to RHOC, and Suggests “Conniving” Tamra Feuded With Heather to Remain “Relevant”

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Alexis Bellino Shares Why She Ended Engagement to Drew Bohn, If She'll Return to RHOC, and Suggests "Conniving" Tamra Feuded With Heather to Remain "Relevant"

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Alexis Bellino is opening up about the reasoning behind her September split from former fiancé Andrew “Drew” Bohn.

Months after suddenly calling it quits with Drew after four years of dating, the Real Housewives of Orange County alum, 46, explained how her mother Penelope’s August death impacted the decision while also opening up about her potential return to the show and Tamra Judge‘s messy season 17 feud with Heather Dubrow, 54.

“I do think she’s manipulative and conniving, and I think she would sell her own mom to stay on the show,” Alexis joked of Tamra during an interview with Page Six at BravoCon. “I don’t think she would deny any of that if we asked her, too.”

During the recently aired RHOC reunion, Alexis’ name came up as Tamra, 56, shaded Heather for favoring Alexis’ return over her own.

“[It’s] disgraceful,” Alexis said of Tamra’s behavior. “It’s ridiculous that she is using my name as an excuse to carry out any of this behavior.”

While Alexis stopped watching the show after her departure in 2013, she began watching it after Heather and Tamra returned.

“Heather and I are pretty close and just having Tamra come back, I wanted to tune in. I gave it one or two episodes to see how it would go,” she admitted. “And then I got pretty hooked … [Tamra] made for good TV this year in all of her drunken stupors.”

After applauding Tamra’s ability to “drive conflict” in the series, Alexis suggested Tamra went after Heather in an effort to maintain her full-time role.

“It’s what keeps her relevant,” she noted. “And I feel like this year, Tamra was out to really prove, ‘Don’t let me go again, Andy Cohen. I’m here for a good reason.’”

As for whether she’d consider following in the footsteps of Tamra and Heather and reclaim her position on RHOC, Alexis suggested she’s open to it.

“I’m definitely excited and proud to be associated with the network, and I’d never want to say never,” she said. “And I’ll leave it at that.”

Moving on to her split from Drew, Alexis said she “[recognized]” a level of incompatibility between them after her mom’s death.

“The death of a close person like your mom either makes a couple or breaks a couple,” Alexis said, also to Page Six. “And, unfortunately for me, it broke us.”

“I felt it was better if we just take different paths for now and he agreed,” she continued. “I just know it was the best decision for us.”

As for what she’ll be looking for in her next relationship, Alexis said, “I don’t want anyone controlling, but I don’t want anyone too passive … I definitely am looking for someone who is spiritual. They don’t have to be super successful, but I just need someone driven and motivated.”

“Good, well-rounded humor is important to me. You have to be funny. If we don’t laugh together, there’s a problem,” she added. “I want to be laughing all day long. That’s kind of what I’m looking for.”

As RHOC fans well know, Alexis was previously married to Jim Bellino, the father of her three kids, James, 16, and 15-year-old twins Miles and Mackenna. And while they experienced tension post-split, Alexis said they’re in “a really great place right now.”

“I know it takes time after a divorce, but this is probably the best place we’ve been in since the divorce,” she noted. “We’ve realized we need to be friends. It’s healthier for the kids, it’s healthier for him and I. And we are forever connected because he’ll always be the father of my children. And I wouldn’t change that.”

Alexis appeared in seasons five through eight of The Real Housewives of Orange County.