Summer House’s Danielle Olivera is Dating Joe Bradley! As Southern Hospitality Star Talks “Instantaneous Connection” at BravoCon, Shares What Attracted Him to Her and Admits to Being “Giddy”

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Southern Hospitality's Joe Bradley Reveals He's Dating "Beautiful" Danielle Olivera After "Instantaneous Connection" at BravoCon, Shares What Attracted Him to Her and Admits to Being "Giddy"

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Joe Bradley and Danielle Olivera are dating after hitting it off at BravoCon last month.

Weeks after the couple fueled rumors with their flirty interactions at the fan convention and later appeared together on Watch What Happens Live, the Southern Hospitality cast member, 28, confirmed their relationship, sharing that after a trip to see Danielle in New York City weeks ago, the 34-year-old Summer House and Winter House star was heading south to Charleston to see him.

“It was an instantaneous connection,” Joe told PEOPLE of the moment he met Danielle at BravoCon. “Before we even talked, we were making eye contact from across the room and you could tell there was some tension there. We were drawn to each other.”

Even before coming face-to-face, Joe said he had his eye on Danielle during a BravoCon panel event.

“I was like, ‘That Danielle girl is really beautiful,’” he recalled. “And she didn’t even know I said that but the next night, we started making out and I took her back to my suite… And yeah, we had a great time.”

After splitting from Robert Sieber in late 2022 and engaging in a short-lived fling with Below Deck‘s Alex Propson amid Winter House season three, Danielle invited Joe to New York City, which he initially thought was a joke.

“I was like, ‘Oh wow, she was serious!’” he revealed. “And then next thing I know, I was mic’ed up and sitting in the audience at WWHL.”

As Bravo fans may have seen, Joe was seated in the audience when Danielle appeared on the late-night talk show on November 14.

“I thought she would want to keep me kind of low-key, because it’s very soon, but WWHL kind of gave us a hard [launch],” he noted. “There’s no turning back now. And that’s okay, because I move fast, once I know I like someone.”

Looking back on his visit to Danielle’s hometown, Joe said his trip was stress-free.

“She showed be around and as we walked through the streets of Brooklyn it was like, we just had nothing else. All our stresses went away. It was an amazing few days,” he gushed. “It felt like we were in a movie.”

Weeks later, he’s flying Danielle to Charleston.

“I get all giddy,” he admitted. “This is the first time ever I’ve flown a girl into town, and her first time she’s been here, so I plan on pulling out all the stops. It’s what she deserves. I’ve been thinking about her all the time.”

Also during the interview, Joe revealed what attracts him most to his new leading lady.

“Danielle’s beautiful, that goes without saying. But I really like that she’s just unapologetically herself,” Joe explained. “She’s been doing reality TV for years and you can see it hasn’t changed her at all. She’s still the girl who wants to go to a sports bar and grab a beer. She’s still pursuing a career path outside of this industry. She’s driven; she’s going for what she believes in. And she’s just so cool.”

As he confirmed his and Danielle’s romance, Joe also took to his Instagram page, where he shared “some lost files of some core memories,” as seen in a screenshot shared by Best of Bravo on Instagram.

In one of those memories, he and Danielle were seen chatting at BravoCon.

Southern Hospitality Joe Bradley Shares Core Memory From BravoCon With Danielle Olivera

Following the sharing of the post, Joe reacted to one of his followers, who asked, “Ummmm… is [Janielle] a thing?”

“I’ll only tell you if we can come to the party this weekend,” he replied.

Southern Hospitality Joe Bradley on If He's Dating Danielle Olivera After BravoCon

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