Danielle Olivera on Lindsay & Carl’s “Wildly Uncomfortable” BravoCon Run-in, Where She Stands With Carl, and if Kyle Was Factor in Split, Plus Alex Love Triangle and Joe Bradley Romance

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Danielle Olivera on Lindsay and Carl's "Wildly Uncomfortable" BravoCon Run-in, Where She Stands With Carl, and If Kyle Was Factor in Split, Plus Alex Love Triangle and Joe Bradley Romance

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Danielle Olivera spoke of Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke‘s post-split run-in at BravoCon on Watch What Happens Live.

While also explaining where she stands with Carl, 38, weighing in on Captain Lee Rosbach‘s suggestion that Kyle Cooke, 41, was a factor in their split, and addressing her love triangle with Alex Propson and Jordan Emanuel, 31, the Winter House cast member, 34, revealed if she’s worried Katie Maloney, 34, will be upset with her for encouraging a love connection between Tom Schwartz, 40, and Katie Flood, 31.

“I think she’ll be okay,” Danielle stated on the November 14 episode of WWHL. “Floody didn’t watch [Vanderpump Rules]. She had no idea what was going on with Schwartz and Katie Maloney at the time and I think that was the best way to kind of make him get out of his own way a little bit. So I think she would understand.”

That said, Danielle and fellow guest Jordan said that neither Katie was a good match for the Pump Rules star.

As Bravo fans may have heard, Danielle was linked to Southern Hospitality‘s Joe Bradley amid BravoCon. And as he sat in the audience at Tuesday’s WWHL taping, she admitted the two of them “had some fun in Vegas.”

“Best weekend of my life, [Andy Cohen]. I can’t even begin to explain,” Joe agreed.

“And let’s not,” Danielle joked.

Another fan wanted to know how she felt about Kory Keefer’s representation of his relationship with Samantha Feher, 26.

“I was trying so hard to not say anything because you know I like to butt in. It took everything out of me to not be like, ‘Kory, what the hell are you doing? I love Sam,’” she replied.

Moving onto her romance with Alex, Danielle she was “absolutely not” putting pressure on the relationship because she wanted ex-boyfriend Robert Sieber to see her thriving, and she seemed to shade Robert for his Bravo-related social media activity.

“He comments on things. It’s weird,” she noted. “He’s commented on Bravo fan accounts. He’s obviously… He’s watching.”

As for whether or not she feels played by Alex, who also pursued Jordan, Danielle said, “I think that I won in the entire thing in terms of what I wanted to get out of it, but at the same time, no one wants to feel like they’re played a fool.”

During season three of Winter House, which was filmed earlier this year, Danielle and Alex enjoyed a casual fling. However, Danielle seemed a bit territorial when it came to his interactions with other women.

“I hate when things are under my roof. You can do whatever you want outside of that but we live together. It gets a little messy if it’s Jordan,” she explained. “If I see it, I don’t want to be around that. Just do it outside.”

Although Danielle insisted she is a “strong person,” she admitted it was hurtful to hear Alex saying he was still interested in Jordan despite their hookup.

“No one wants to be made a fool of and that’s how I felt when I watched that,” she revealed. “Every intuition I had was right. I hate that feeling.”

That said, she admitted she was responsible for the love triangle that formed after telling Alex to pursue Jordan.

“It was so confusing because at the same time, I wanted to get mine with Alex, I also wanted Jordan to get hers … and maybe I started the love triangle by doing that because I was like, ‘You can just go forth and do whatever you want.’ And then I was like, ’No don’t do that. Respect me.’ I did that to myself but I have no regrets,” she shared.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Danielle was questioned by a virtual audience member about her thoughts on Captain Lee’s suggestion that Kyle was a factor in Lindsay and Carl’s breakup.

“No. That would never be the case,” she stated. “What happened between them, happened between them. I don’t like how it happened and the fallout and the way that he chose to go about it. But it wasn’t about outside sources. It was about what was going on in their relationship.”

Back on the live broadcast, Danielle was asked a series of questions about her Summer House castmates. And during the interview, she admitted Lindsay’s first interaction with Carl at BravoCon was “wildly uncomfortable,” as was the one-on-one time she had with Carl at the event.

“[We’re] not on good terms,” Danielle confirmed of herself and Carl.

As for where she stands with Lindsay, she shared that the two of them agreed on certain “dos and don’ts” after making amends earlier this year.

“We set a lot of good boundaries in the beginning of the summer, which you’ll see play out. And to your advice, we kind of like formed a new friendship and it’s a really good one,” Danielle explained to Andy.

Also during the chat, Danielle said she does not think Lindsay and Carl will be friends “in the near future,” admitted she was “100 percent” surprised by their split, and denied Lindsay was flirtatious with other men at BravoCon.

“Not at BravoCon but she’s putting herself out there,” Danielle revealed.

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