Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard on if Danielle Was Right, If She’ll Film With Carl Next Season, and Telling Kyle Cheating Rumor on Camera, Plus She Slams Craig’s Claim That Viewers Will Understand Split

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Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard on if Danielle Was Right, If She'll Film With Carl Next Season, and Telling Kyle Cheating Rumor on Camera, Plus She Slams Craig's Claim That Viewers Will Understand Split

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Lindsay Hubbard is reacting to Danielle Olivera‘s past concerns about her since-ended relationship with Carl Radke.

During a recent appearance on Nick Viall‘s podcast, the Summer House cast member, 37, reflected on Danielle’s comments, revealed if she’s planning to film next season with Carl, 38, and addressed potential hypocrisy pertaining to the cheating rumor she brought up to Kyle Cooke, 41, on camera while also reacting to Craig Conover‘s suggestion that viewers will understand her and Carl’s breakup once they see season eight and sharing if she’s dating.

“I’ve dabbled in flirting. Turns out I’m really good at it,” Lindsay said on the November 8 episode of The Viall Files, clarifying that she had not had any hookups “yet.”

Although Lindsay hasn’t yet made her way back to the world of dating, she has considered her next relationship.

“I’m going to be a little bit more protective over how much I share okay just because every relationship that I’ve been in on camera has blown up so I think I’m going to be definitely aware of that in my future,” she noted.

Looking back at her summer filming with her castmates, Lindsay said she had a “really great” time with the girls.

“We really got along. I think after season seven and after that reunion, it was a complete almost tear-down and rebuild with some of them,” she explained. “With Danielle specifically, I think that we had been rebuilding all summer… She has been so incredible throughout this entire breakup and she’s really been there for me … [Gabby Prescod] came over every single day that first week. The other girls, they’ve sent me texts checking in on me every now and then … I feel like I’m in a really great place with the girls and it’s nice.”

As many members of the cast rally around Lindsay, she said Amanda Batula, 32, has been staying neutral between her and Carl.

“I think she’s more Switzerland and doesn’t necessarily take sides. It’s hard to tell [but] I think we’re all pretty much in agreeance that the way it went down is messed up,” she noted.

As fans may have seen, Southern Charm‘s Craig, 34, appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live in September, where he said “gaps will be filled” when the new season airs.

When questioned about the statement, Lindsay revealed, “Craig was there for two days… I would imagine that they’re going to put the season together to make it make sense.”

As Carl continues to suggest that he and Lindsay were at odds for months leading to their split, Lindsay denies the constant quarreling.

“It really wasn’t this crazy amount of fighting. You would think that we fought all summer. We didn’t,” she stated. “It was a couple of things in the beginning which we got through pretty quickly. And then the last two weeks. But the whole middle portion, we were great.”

While some have suggested Lindsay is hypocritical for not wanting to have her breakup filmed for Summer House since she mentioned a cheating rumor to Kyle with cameras rolling on season seven, Lindsay pointed out that it arose amid filming.

“[It was] during normal filming months. I didn’t go pick the cameras back up and then go to your house and have this conversation when you think you’re wrapped for the season,” she clarified.

After speaking out against Carl, claiming he betrayed her by coaxing her into an on-camera split, she couldn’t say for sure if she’d refuse to film with him in future seasons.

“I don’t know because so many things could happen between now and then,” she explained. “I don’t know where I’m going to be at mentally there with him. By that time I could be in a state of like I forgive this guy, I’ll never forget and I’ll never trust him, he’ll never be my best friend, whatever we can film. I could also be in a ‘I will I never want to see him again.’ I don’t know. So much can happen in this next nine to 10 months until that filming period happens.”

Following months of devastation, Lindsay said things are finally getting “a little better.”

“Every week gets you know exponentially better and like I said, I’m living with a very positive mentality with a full heart and looking towards my future,” she confirmed. “I’m really really excited for my next journey.”

As for whether the breakup changed her view on Danielle’s past criticism of her and Carl’s romance, Lindsay denied that her castmate has been vindicated.

“I think an engagement is like one of the biggest moments in someone’s [life] and you know that’s one of those things that you just don’t touch with any negativity at all whatsoever,” she noted. “I don’t think her actions last year were like necessarily justified but I do think she does have good intentions and she does have a good heart.”

Summer House season eight is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime in early 2024.