Lala Kent Unhappy With Mom’s Claim That She’s “Raising” Ocean, Plus Vanderpump Rules Star’s “Unlikely” Friendship With Tom Schwartz Puts Strain on Relationship With Katie

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Lala Kent Unhappy With Mom's Claim That She's "Raising" Ocean, Plus Vanderpump Rules Star's "Unlikely" Friendship With Tom Schwartz Puts Strain on Relationship With Katie

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Lala Kent was unhappy with her mother, Lisa Burningham, saying she was “raising” her two-year-old daughter, Ocean, on a recent episode of her podcast.

As her Bravo bio for Vanderpump Rules season 11 teased her “unlikely” friendship with Tom Schwartz, 40, noting that the connection put a strain on her relationship with Katie Maloney, 38, Lala, 33, took issue with the claim, telling Lisa to “f*cking suck [her] ovaries,” and reminding her that she doesn’t complain when she benefits from her busy life as a reality star.

On the November 29 episode of Give Them Lala, via Heavy, Lala’s brother, Easton Burningham, looked back on a moment in which their mom voiced her frustration after caring for Ocean, whom Lala shares with former fiance Randall Emmett, 52, for five days straight.

“She looks at me and she goes ‘I’m just raising this kid,’” Easton recalled.

But while Lala considers her mother a co-parent of Ocean, she said that the only reason Lisa had her for so long was because she was focusing on a potentially “life-changing” project.

“I come home and [Lisa Burningham] is at the top of the stairs and she goes, ‘I need your help and I’m over this.’ And I’m like ‘I know what a man feels now.’ Like a working man, who has worked all day, but the mom has been home, raising the kids. And she’s like, ‘I need a f****** break.’ And he’s like, ‘I’m f***** exhausted too,’” Lala said.

After Easton defended his mom, saying Lisa had been having trouble looking after Ocean, Lala pointed out that Lisa likes the benefits that come with her life as an entertainer.

“I’m a working parent. And you know, she doesn’t complain when I waltz into [Louis Vuitton] and buy her a new bag. Does she?” Lala asked.

“I’m sweating now because of what Mom said. ‘I’m raising this kid.’ F*cking suck my ovaries,” she added.

But when Easton reminded her Lisa cared for Ocean for a full work week, Lala vowed not to “rip her head off when [she] get[s] home.”

Meanwhile, in her Pump Rules season 11 bio, Lala is said to have formed a close-knit relationship with Schwartz after butting heads with her castmate in the past.

“[Lala] finds an unlikely connection with Tom Schwartz, forming a friendship that neither saw coming, but creating tension between her and the rest of the girls as her forgiveness for the Toms grows,” the bio reads, via Bravo.

As fans saw in the trailer for the new episodes, Katie tells Lala she’s acting “a little much.”

“You’re a bit much all the f*cking time,” Lala claps back.

Also in Lala’s bio, her efforts to expand her family are discussed.

“[Lala] is still in the midst of a challenging custody battle, but being the best mom to Ocean remains her priority. Wanting to give her daughter a sibling, Lala explores fertility treatments and looks for a sperm donor as a single mother.”

Vandepump Rules season 11 premieres on Tuesday, January 30, at 8/7c on Bravo.