Paige DeSorbo Discusses Summer House Regrets, Hannah’s Firing, Losing ABC Job, & Reality TV Concerns, Plus Bed Memes, & How Southern Charm is Different

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Paige DeSorbo on Summer House Regrets, Hannah's Firing, & Advice From Producer, Reality TV Concerns, Bed Memes, How Southern Charm is Different and Losing ABC Job

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Paige DeSorbo has a lot of regrets when it comes to her past five seasons on Summer House.

During a podcast appearance on Monday, Paige, 31, addressed her regrets and Hannah Berner‘s firing before reflecting on the hate she’s received while starring on the show, explaining why she spends so much time in bed, sharing how Summer House and Southern Charm are different, and more.

“It put me in a really weird spot,” Paige admitted of Hannah’s exit from Summer House on the December 18 episode of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast. “And I will say, I, I think about this probably the most of any moment that I’ve been on reality TV. I have a lot of regrets from that season. I think about how I could have been a better friend to Hannah. I could have been a better friend to [Amanda Batula]. I think about how I was in the middle and how I could have changed the outcome of Hannah not returning that next season.”

According to Paige, she shouldn’t have been so neutral between her castmates during season five.

“I should have stuck up for Hannah, and I should have stuck up for Amanda, and I should have maybe talked more or said certain opinions, and I, I just always think back and like felt bad for what Hannah went through that whole year because that was probably one of the toughest years ever,” she shared.

While Paige has dealt with her fair share of hate since joining the Summer House cast for season three in 2019, she was given some sound advice from one of her producers.

“I had a producer tell me like the first year I was on, he was like, ‘[Fifty] percent of people are going to be obsessed with you, they’re gonna love you, they’re gonna die for you. And the other 50 is going to absolutely hate your guts, anything you do, they’re gonna hate it, no matter what it is.’ And he was like, ‘But the great part about it is neither of those sides are right, because neither of those people know you,'” she recalled. “And that stuck with me for so long. I was like, ‘Wait, you’re so right.'”

Now, when Paige goes through tough times on the show or deals with people “absolutely [hating]” her, she asks herself, “Are my friends mad at me? And are my family mad at me?”

“And if the answer is no to both of those, then I kind of like, have to kind of forget it. Cause I’m like, it’s, then it’s nothing for me to do,” she explained.

Paige recently filmed her sixth season of Summer House. But, looking back at her start on reality television, she admitted to having reservations.

“Never in my wildest did I ever want to be on a reality TV show or thought that I would be on a reality TV show at all,” she noted. “Like even when I got it, I was like absolutely not. I can’t do that. For like how confident I would, I think I am and try to be, I feel like I’m equally as sensitive. And the first thing that popped in my head was like, ‘I don’t think I’d be able to handle this amount of people not liking me if that were to happen.’ So I was really scared about that.”

As for what ultimately led her to sign on, Paige said it was her dad, who gave her the “best advice.”

“He said, ‘Look, do it for one year. And if you hate it, you never have to do it again. I’ll get you out of it. Like, don’t worry about whatever contract you’re signing. I’ll get you out of it,’” she revealed.

Throughout her time on Summer House, Paige has been featured in plenty of memes due to her love of being in bed, which the majority of fans are either annoyed by or enjoy.

“I don’t want to say it’s the persona they gave me because I am, in fact, the one in the bed, but they’ve, like, anytime we’re gossiping or whatever, all the girls, we just, like, get in the bed and talk because there’s just so many places in the house you can go,” she explained, adding, “Honestly though, if that’s the worst thing, I’ll take it. If that’s what they’re the most mad at me for, like, fine.”

In addition to filming Summer House and its spinoff, Winter House, Paige has also been frequently featured on Southern Charm due to her two-year romance with Craig Conover, 34.

As for what differentiates the two, Paige signaled to the schedule.

“In general, like Summer House, you got to like, when you know you’re going in on Friday and you’re not going to not be filmed until Sunday, like you got to really like prepare yourself like, ‘OK, that’s it. Like now I’m essentially — you’re working like, I’m filming.’ Whereas with Southern Charm, it’s very, it’s way laxer,” she shared. “Like they, [Madison LeCroy] will come over for two hours, we’ll chat, we’ll gossip, and then that’s it, they go home. Then you can like decompress in your own bed, like by yourself. So I actually prefer the way Southern Charm films. Because it is just like I feel like it’s a little bit easier, and also, I just hate packing for the weekend.”

As fans may have heard, at the time she signed on to appear on Summer House, Paige was working for ABC, who ultimately fired her when they learned of the role.

“I had gotten fired from my ABC job at the production company… because I technically signed a contract with NBC. And they were like, ‘You actually can’t work here also,'” she revealed. “But Summer House was like, ‘We don’t care that you got fired.’ They like never even like, covered it.”

Also, during the podcast episode, Paige looked back on her past modeling gigs.

“When I was younger, I was actually a child model,” she stated “So that’s like, yeah, I was limited to Easy Bake Oven, like I did, like when I was like 12, 13, I did like all like teen novel covers. So like anything on like the reading list that summer, like I was typically on the cover. It was very surreal. At that time, I never wanted anyone to know. So like no one knew I modeled my whole life.”

Summer House season eight is expected to begin airing sometime early next year on Bravo.