RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia Reveals the Real Reason for Divorce as She Talks Ex-Husband’s Arrests, and Wanting to Spread Awareness

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

RHOSLC's Monica Garcia Reveals the Real Reason for Divorce as She Talks Ex-Husband's Arrests, and Wanting to Spread Awareness

Monica Garcia took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday with a shocking revelation.

She and her ex-husband Mike divorced not due to her affair with her brother-in-law, but because of his domestic violence against her.

Hours after the premiere of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season four reunion, Monica, 40, revealed that Mike was arrested numerous times for getting physical with her, even in front of their daughters, as she encouraged other victims and revealed plans to raise awareness on the show.

“I have received several questions about my divorce. Yes, the affair happened over a decade ago. No, that is not the reason for our divorce,” Monica confirmed in her January 10 post. “I understand you all having questions and trying to figure out the reason for the divorce now. I have debated answering this publicly or not. However, when I did apply to be on the show I had planned on bringing awareness to this subject and speaking about it openly.”

“The reason for our divorce was because of domestic violence,” she continued. “My ex was arrested a couple of times for domestic violence on me in front of our girls and violations of protective orders. I had hoped to speak about it on the show to help better explain why things are the way they are in my life currently. To bring awareness to women dealing with this issue and to help them see that they are not alone.”

Monica and Mike were married in 2009 and share three daughters, including Jaidyn, 13, West, 7, and Kendall, 6, and Monica also has an older daughter, Bri, 17.

Continuing on to other victims, Monica said, “I am with you. I hope you see that you can move on from this horrible situation and begin to give your children a better life away from those circumstances. That there is life after abuse, that it wasn’t your fault, and that you have tribes of people ready to carry you through.”

In a caption, Monica further spoke of domestic violence, offering her fans and followers in need a hotline.

“I haven’t wanted to post about this because I already know what the comment section is going to say and how nasty people can be and have been on my page. However, if this helps one person out there to feel seen and give them any kind of comfort, hope, or support then it is worth it to me. National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233 I am sending love to all of those affected by domestic violence,” she stated.

During an interview with E! News in October, Monica opened up about her status with Mike, noting her ex-husband as a “wonderful dad and provider.”

“We just weren’t good together and that’s OK,” she stated. “He calls and checks on me. He’ll see something in the news and he’ll get defensive and be like, ‘That’s not even true!’ I am the mother of his children and we’ll always love and respect each other because of that.”

Part two of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season four reunion begins airing next Tuesday, January 16, at 8/7c on Bravo.