Heather Gay on Who Was in Hot Seat Most at “Intense” RHOSLC Reunion, Legal Drama With Monica, and Teases Fight With Whitney, Plus When She’ll Quit, & DMs With Sarah Paulson

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RHOSLC's Heather Gay on Who Was in Hot Seat Most at "Intense" Reunion, If Monica Will Return, Their Legal Drama, and When She'll Quit, Plus DMs With Sarah Paulson

Credit: Rich Polk/Bravo

Heather Gay opened up about the “intense” reunion for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season four during a television appearance days ago.

While also discussing Monica Garcia‘s future on the show, their legal drama, and when she’ll give up her snowflake, Heather, 49, confirmed which of her castmates spent the most time in the hot seat at the November taping and discussed her DMs with actress Sarah Paulson, 48.

“Reunion was intense and we all spent a little bit of time in the hot seat but as you know, when you sit first chair, you get hit with a lot of heavy questions so definitely I think Monica would have the hot seat this year,” Heather shared on E! News. “[But] I was in the hot seat a little as well.”

Following the reunion taping, Heather said she will no longer be filming with Monica, 39, and nothing has changed in the weeks since.

“There is a lot to come. There is so much to come with Housewives. Everyone says it’s a great season, but there’s more happening, and right now,” Heather teased of her drama with Monica. “I’m not friends with Monica, and it’s a show that we film with our friends, and with the legal battle going on and the way that we left things at reunion, we’re not friends right now and I don’t see us making amends.”

As RHOSLC fans know, Heather and Monica are currently involved in a legal battle over what Heather claims are unpaid bills and Monica says was a botched procedure.

“The reason it’s been active now is because the press picked it up. I can’t speak a lot about it, legally, but essentially, she was a customer years ago,” Heather revealed. “[And] just because you’re on TV doesn’t mean we’re not going to pursue unpaid bills.”

As for her ongoing ups and downs with her cousin Whitney Rose, 37, Heather admitted the two of them “fight hard.”

“We fight like family so we have a lot more latitude with each other. It’s unfiltered friendship, and that’s not the worst fight we had, so stay tuned,” she teased.

Although Heather has admittedly had “hard times” on RHOSLC, she confirmed she has no plans to quit.

“This has completely changed my life. Who I was five years ago versus the life that I have now and the fact that I have three daughters that I want to inspire and tell to say yes to everything, I will never say no to any opportunity, and the harder it gets, the more I dig in,” she explained. “I love it. I love the community. I love these opportunities, and so I’m here. You’re gonna have to boot me out.”

Then, during a game of “Snowflake Showdown,” Heather said she was “100 percent” on Lisa Barlow‘s side in her feud with Monica at Whitney’s sound bath event, during which Lisa, 48, criticized Monica for her poor treatment of her mom, and she also sided with Lisa in her dispute with Whitney, who accused Lisa of being triggered by Monica’s friendship with Angie Katsanevas, 50.

“I think that Lisa is triggered by Angie’s lack of loyalty so I’m gonna have to go with Lisa on this one,” Heather stated.

Then, after siding with Whitney after her heated dinner date with Mary Cosby, 51, Heather took Meredith Marks‘ side in her drama with Angie, who crashed the cast’s Palm Springs trip earlier this season.

“Angie K. should not have crashed. Never crash,” Heather said.

Also during the interview, Heather was asked which celebrities she’s been surprised to see are fans of RHOSLC.

“I’m always surprised at how far-reaching Housewives are and [RHOSLC] in general … I do get DMs from Sarah Paulson, who is like, the queen of all. She tells me when she loves an episode, and I know she has been inspired by Meredith for some of her characters on Broadway, so that’s been something fun for me for sure,” she shared.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season four airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.