Larsa Pippen Talks Having “Sex 5 Times a Night” With Marcus Jordan, Why She Told RHOM Cast About Guerdy’s Cancer, Questioning Diagnosis, and Nicole’s Involvement in Ana Drama

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Larsa Pippen Talks Having "Sex 5 Times a Night" With Marcus Jordan, Why She Told RHOM Cast About Guerdy's Cancer, Questioning Diagnosis, and Nicole's Involvement in Ana Drama

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Larsa Pippen appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she opened up about her sex life and the cancer drama she faced with castmate Guerdy Abraira amid season six.

Before suggesting Nicole Martin, 38, had something to do with Ana Quincoces‘ brunch appearance, sharing who she connected with most at BravoCon, and speaking of Bravolebrities who live beyond their means, the Real Housewives of Miami castmate, 49, first dished on her relationship with Marcus Jordan.

During a game of “Defend! Your! Action!,” Larsa refused to defend not checking in on Kiki Barth, 34, as much once she began dating Marcus, saying she “constantly [checks] in on Kiki.” She also explained that a man Nicole dated “had multiple names” after being asked about bringing up the rumor about Nicole having an affair with a resident at her hospital.

She then said she wouldn’t defend throwing Marcus a coming home party after five days, stating that they “have a great relationship” and she appreciates him, and she reacted to previously saying she had sex three times a night.

“That’s facts. But I also have sex five times a night with the love of my life,” Larsa clarified, signaling to Marcus, who had an equally racy response.

“Way more. I’m very competitive… Especially with Larsa as my partner, absolutely,” he confirmed.

As for which relationship will last longer, hers or Lisa Hochstein and Jody Glidden‘s, Larsa admitted she wasn’t sure.

“I’m a romantic so I want to be the maid of honor at [Lisa’s] wedding so I’m gonna say Lisa,” she reasoned.

Also during the show, Larsa explained why she didn’t think it would be a big deal to share Guerdy’s cancer diagnosis with their co-stars.

“I was really confused because when she first said it to me, our whole fight before she even told me she had cancer was about going to the media,” Larsa explained on the January 10 episode of WWHL. “I said, ‘Hey, if you have a problem with me, come to me. Don’t go to the media.’ And so my understanding was, ‘Let’s not go to the media when we have issues.’ So I didn’t understand that she wanted me to not tell her friends.”

As for her questioning of Guerdy’s diagnosis, Larsa said it was a conversation she had with Lisa Hochstein, 41, that left her confused.

“She told my best friend she was testing me so I didn’t know. I feel like now that I see it I feel like, of course, no one is going to lie about having cancer but at that point, when my best friend’s calling me, saying to me, ‘She said it was a test,’ I’m like, ‘What does that mean?’ How do you test cancer?’” she shared.

While Larsa and Guerdy, 46, aren’t in a good place today, Larsa expressed hope for their future.

“I feel like we’re gonna work through it at the reunion,” she stated.

Looking back at recent episodes, Larsa said “no” when asked if Alexia Echevarria, 56, and Julia Lemigova‘s newfound friendship would last, and she suspected that Nicole had something to do with Ana’s attendance at brunch.

“I think [Adriana De Moura was responsible]. But I definitely think Nicole had something to do with it because she knew that we weren’t all cool with her,” Larsa explained. “Lisa’s not cool with her. The rest of the girls are not cool with her. She knows. I feel like Nicole knows.”

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, after confirming Marcus sold his Miami home and is now living with her, Larsa revealed who she connected with most at BravoCon.

“I feel like [Teresa Giudice] and [Luis Ruelas] I really vibed with,” she shared.

As for her past comment about Real Housewives living beyond their means, Larsa wouldn’t name names as she further expressed her concern.

“I don’t want to necessarily point the finger at people but I just feel like sometimes, it’s good to pay your taxes,” she stated. “It’s good to pay your bills. I don’t know. I just feel like I’d rather live below my means and not necessarily feel the pressure because I feel like sometimes it is pressure to be on television.”

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