Winter House’s Kory Keefer Shares What Led to Split From Sam Feher, Reunion Regrets, and When Things Changed, Plus Supporting Sam After Summer House Snub and Potential Future on Southern Charm

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Winter House's Kory Keefer Shares What Led to Split From Sam Feher, Reunion Regrets, and When Things Changed, Plus Supporting Sam After Summer House Snub and Potential Future on Southern Charm

Credit: Bravo

Kory Keefer is explaining what led to his breakup from Samantha “Sam” Feher and revealing when he knew things had changed between them.

While appearing on a podcast earlier this week, the Winter House cast member, 33, looked back on his reunion regrets, shared how he supported Sam, 26, after she was booted from her full-time role on Summer House, and teased his potential future on Southern Charm as he also admitted his issues with Sam began when Winter House season three started airing.

“We were good up until that and then her seeing it, me seeing it, it sucks, seeing some of the stuff when you’re doing stupid things or flirting with girls, and saying stuff, I guess I didn’t prepare her for everything that happened,” Kory admitted on the January 22 episode of Real Moms of Bravo.  “I didn’t remember all the sh*t either, and watching it back, it takes a strong person to be able to watch. I don’t know if I’d be able to watch it back with her doing that with a guy. It would’ve been really tough.”

According to Kory, watching Winter House season three brought a lot of stress into his and Sam’s relationship.

“[We were] fighting about things that happened back in March and we’re in October now. It was like a weird spiral,” he explained. “We didn’t cheat on each other, but it felt like I did something really bad and we got over it, [but] now the public eye’s in it and so her friends I’m sure are hitting her up being like, ‘Why are you with this piece of sh*t? He’s such a douchebag. He’s doing this. He’s with these girls.’”

“It wasn’t great and that wasn’t why we broke up but that definitely put extra stress on it and it made things really difficult this winter,” he clarified.

In addition to having regrets about his behavior with the women of Winter House, Kory was also sorry about things that played out at the reunion.

“Things I said on the reunion I wish I would’ve said differently. I felt like I was under a microscope anytime anyone asks something about our relationship or her, I was fumbling or I didn’t say the correct thing,” he noted. “And everything I said, she was looking at it with five different lenses of like, ‘Well, what did you mean by that?’ Our relationship before this, it wasn’t put under a microscope. If I said something that wasn’t up to par, it was like, ‘Whatever.’”

Kory also felt that he was in a “weird spot” due to the friendships he had on the cast.

“I’m friends with everyone and [she’s] coming in feeling like she hates everyone, or everyone hates her in a sense. It was weird. I have to have my girl’s back, but we’re talking about friendships that [I] had with other people there,” he shared. “It kinda felt like it was her and I against everyone, and then she felt like it was everyone against her and I didn’t have her back as much as I should have. There were times where I could’ve stood up and had her back more than I did. [And] I’m sorry for that.”

Amid the airing of the “emotionally draining” season, things between Kory and Sam took a turn for the worse.

“I think the biggest thing for me where I knew that things weren’t going right is we used to always have fun drinking together. Not even going crazy, but just having drinks and bouncing around, but then it came to a point where every time she drank it would be like all the emotions would come out and it would be a huge fight out of nowhere,” he explained. “We’d be having a good time and then next thing you know, it’s just the built-up stuff that she is watching and it would come out so then like, we couldn’t even have fun.”

After making things official with one another after Winter House season three wrapped filming, Kory helped Sam through the “shock” she endured when she was not asked back to her full-time role for Summer House season eight.

“I was kind of helping her through that because that was kind of a shock. You know, why wasn’t she full-time cast on it, and we still don’t 100 percent know. Casting is weird sometimes where you think you’re good, and then next thing you know you’re not. So that was kind of a rough time, and I felt like I was a very big support. So we had some really intense conventions and trying to get her past that,” he recalled, noting that he built up Sam’s confidence and assured her that success was coming her way.

As for his potential addition to the Southern Charm cast, Kory confirmed there have been talks.

“We’ve talked a couple of times about maybe me making an appearance,” he revealed. “I don’t live in Charleston, but me possibly opening a gym in Charleston is on the horizon so that could kind of, I could get mixed into that. I love having history with people. Craig and I have known each other for 15 years. We can push each other’s buttons really easily. It’s almost like brothers, but I’ve known those people for a long time so there actually is friendship and history.”