Lala Kent Calls Kyle Richards “Queen” of RHOBH Over LVP, Addresses If She Heard Back From Raquel, Hypocrisy Claims, and Custody Update, Plus Talks Ariana Having “Worst Taste” in Men, & Kristen Feud

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Lala Kent Calls Kyle Richards "Queen" of RHOBH Over LVP, Addresses If She Heard Back From Raquel, Hypocrisy Claims, and Custody Update, Plus Talks Ariana Having "Worst Taste" in Men, & Kristen Feud

Lala Kent doesn’t think Lisa Vanderpump is the “queen” of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

While appearing on Tuesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Lala, 33, gave Kyle Richards, 55, the honor as she addressed a number of Vanderpump Rules topics, including her potential hypocrisy in reaching out to Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, Ariana Madix‘s taste in men, her feud with Kristen Doute, 40, and more.

On the January 30 episode of WWHL, she was asked, “Who is the queen of RHOBH?” Lala responded, “Kyle Richards.”

Host Andy Cohen, 55, then asked Lala if Ariana had a right to be mad at her for reaching out to Raquel after throwing a fit about her castmates interacting with Randall Emmett, 52, after their split.

“Was it about [Tom Sandoval] or the mistress? I think it was about the mistress, right?” Lala asked.

“You were mad when [Tom Schwartz] played pickleball with Randall,” Andy noted.

“But I wasn’t still living with Randall when Schwartz was playing pickleball with him or I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on,” Lala argued as Andy pointed out that Raquel was “out of it” and said Ariana was “done.”

“We didn’t know that yet,” Lala clarified before admitting, “I’ve always done what I wanted to do. Period. Whether I can defend it or not, I did it.”

After reaching out to Raquel amid the premiere episode of Pump Rules, Lala was ghosted by her former co-star.

“She does not respond,” Lala confirmed. “The universe really protects me at all costs because cut to, she does [Bethenny Frankel]’s podcast, and I’m like, ‘And I never would’ve reached out to you had I had a crystal ball.’ I thought she was gonna go bag groceries at Vons or something and live a normal life.”

As for why she reached out to begin with, Lala explained, “I wanted to say, ‘Don’t wear this forever. Good luck in life.’ It wasn’t like, ‘Come, be part of the friend group.’”

Over two years after splitting from Randall amid claims of cheating, Lala revealed their co-parenting relationship is “not” going well.

“It’s just a nightmare,” she shared. “We have nothing settled. He’s trying to come for me.”

During a game in which she was asked to choose between Ariana, 38, Katie Maloney, 37, and Scheana Shay, 38, Lala said Katie was the one she trusted the most and the one who held the longest grudge. She then said Scheana was quickest to forgive and had the biggest ego, although she “[likes] it.”

As for which co-star had the worst taste in guys, she said, “Right now I’d say probably Ariana.”

Also speaking of Ariana, Lala shed more light on the “God” diss she made against her in the trailer.

“I am so proud of my friend and I love that everyone was up in arms about what I said. I love it when people get that way. I like to rally them. [But] I think towards the end of the season it’s gonna be made very clear why I said that and I think a lot of you may be with me,” she teased.

Also on the live broadcast, Lala offered an update on her feud with Kristen, who recently shaded her for failing to reach out in regard to issues they were having.

“I actually thought her podcast was very profound. She said if Lala cared about the friendship she would’ve reached out to me, and if I cared about the friendship I would have reached out to her, and I didn’t,” Lala stated.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Lala admitted she felt it was fair that Raquel cashed in on “Scandoval” after the rest of the cast did so.

“I don’t listen to Rachel’s podcast, but we’ve all had a platform to say what we want to say, made a lot of money, she also deserves that,” Lala noted. “We can all boo her and Sandoval all the live long day. They can boo themselves to the bank as well just like the rest of us.”

That said, Lala is not a fan of Raquel’s new podcast.

“I think she’s going about it all wrong,” she explained. “If you’re gonna have a podcast, you should’ve come back to VPR, strap on your ovaries, and then also from a business standpoint, you would’ve had hella seasons of a podcast, and instead what? You’re gonna ride the coattails of Sandoval? It’s dying out. We don’t care about your side.”

Months ago at BravoCon, Lala turned heads as she was spotted with Jason Chambers, 50. However, looking back on their interaction, Lala admitted it was dry.

“I wish that my life sexually were more eventful. Nothing happened,” she confirmed. “It was like a hi and goodbye. But I’ve done the 50-year-old man and I want like, he’s definitely sexy as it gets, but I’m trying to have like a 23-year-old on me. I’ve paid my freaking dues.”

After sarcastically proclaiming, “You don’t say,” after it was noted that Schwartz allegedly knew about Sandoval’s affair with Raquel for the entire time it was happening, Lala revealed if she felt she and her castmates were “too intense” at the season 10 reunion.

“That was the moment and I feel like it was the most beautiful thing to watch. I watched it tonight,” she shared. “And I know this season is going to look different because we come off of me going crazy, which I thought was so beautiful it belongs in a museum, that entire reunion, but now, dust has settled, so we gotta like, that version of any of us existing now is like, we gotta let it go a little bit.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.