Summer House’s Sam Feher Shares Update With Kory Keefer After Split, and Opens Up About How She’s Doing and Dating Standards, Plus She Shares What Cosmetic Procedures She’s Had

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Summer House's Sam Feher Shares How She’s Doing After Kory Split, If They’re Still Friendly and Dating Standards, Plus Teases New Projects, & What Cosmetic Procedures She's Had Done

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Samantha “Sam” Feher opened up about how her dating standards have changed since splitting from Winter House‘s Kory Keefer last month during an Instagram Q&A on Monday.

Weeks after confirming their breakup, the Summer House cast member was questioned about her dating life, if she and Kory are still friendly, and her future, as she also teased upcoming projects and shared what type of cosmetic procedures she’s had done to her face.

On February 5, after Sam was asked if she was “dating yet,” Sam confirmed, via Bravo’s The Daily Dish, that her “standards went up.”

“So best of luck gentlemen,” she added.

As for whether she’s “still friends” with Kory, Sam confirmed she is.

“I’m friendly with all of my exes, including the ones that originally ended not-so-great,” Sam explained. “I don’t like being on bad terms with people/loose ends, and I’ve run into most of them in NYC over the years — that’s the city for ya! [S]o with every breakup, I try to make sure we wind up in a good place, i.e. it wouldn’t be awkward to run into them or wind up at the same party for example.”

Following her split from Kory, Sam said she has “big plans for 2024,” adding, “Literally [f*cking] HUGE ONES.”

“[O]ne I can’t talk about yet because I’m afraid to jinx it, but hopefully I’ll be able to share with you soon,” she teased. “[B]ut I’ve had such an abundance mindset lately, and it has opened the door for so many incredible things!!!!”

Another fan wanted to know how Sam was doing.

“[T]his sounds fake as hell but it’s not — I might be the best I’ve ever been. [E]verything in my life feels so aligned and is just an absolute perfect flow. I am so happy and excited for the future and I am so glad you besties are going along for the ride,” she replied.

Summer House Samantha Feher on How She's Doing Post Split

Photo: Samantha Feher/Instagram via Bravo’s The Daily Dish

Also, during the chat, via The Daily Dish, someone questioned Sam about cosmetic procedures.

“Do you have lip filler/[B]otox?” they asked.

“The only thing I do is Botox in my forehead and in between my eyebrows!” Sam confirmed. “[Dr. Michael Bassiri-Tehrani] does mine, and he is an extraordinarily talented plastic surgeon (not just an aesthetician) so I feel incredibly safe with him.”

“He also offers [lots] of other things like fillers and nose jobs and facelifts,” she added.

Summer House Samantha Feher Reveals She Gets Botox on Face

Photo: Samantha Feher/Instagram, via Bravo’s The Daily Dish

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