Scheana Shay Granted Sole Ownership of $2.5 Million LA Home With Brock Davies After He Signs Over Rights, Prompting Rumors About Marriage

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Scheana Shay Granted Sole Ownership of $2.5 Million LA Home After Brock Davies Signs Over Rights, Prompting Rumors of a Potential Divorce or Bankruptcy

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Scheana Shay is now the sole owner of the $2.5 million Sherman Oaks home she shares with husband Brock Davies and two-year-old daughter Summer Moon.

Prompting a California attorney to suspect the Vanderpump Rules couple could be planning for either a bankruptcy filing or divorce, Brock, 33, signed over his rights to the five-bedroom, five-bathroom property, giving Scheana, 38, the residence as a “separate property” — just days after he and Scheana signed their deed.

According to court documents obtained by The U.S. Sun on February 20, the deed was signed on January 18. But days later, Brock signed off on another document, known as an Interspousal Transfer Deed, which gave Scheana exclusive ownership of the home.

The outlet also noted that Scheana took out a 39-year $1,999,999 mortgage.

While it is unclear why exactly Scheana and Brock made the legal move, family law attorney Goldie Schon said the filing could hint at an impending bankruptcy or divorce as the transfer document is not typically signed by couples buying a new home.

“The interspousal transfer grant deed is just a fancy name for quitclaim deed for married couples. Usually when a spouse signs this, it is part of an agreement and a divorce. In Scheana and Brock’s case, it might be that they’re divorce planning,” she explained.

“The person who no longer has the house is the one that files for bankruptcy to get rid of debt,” the attorney continued. “So if he’s giving her the house, he has to get something back for it. It could mean that, down the road, she’s not going to ask for spousal support because she’s getting the house.”

Goldie went on to say that Scheana may have wanted the home to be solely hers because she and Brock likely do not have a prenup.

Although Scheana is now the sole owner of their $2.5 million home, Brock will accumulate community interest because the two of them are married.

The U.S. Sun confirmed that there has been no divorce filing made. However, as Goldie explained, couples planning for such a public split usually come to an agreement and sign before that is done.

“There’s no way that you would be giving property from one person to the other unless you’ve already reached some sort of settlement. Just because they haven’t filed doesn’t mean anything. It could mean that they’re going to file and then they’re going to submit their agreement to the court pretty much at the same time,” she claimed. “Celebrities trying to keep things under wraps essentially file for divorce and their agreement at about the same time. It happens a lot when it’s a public figure. They don’t file until they’ve already resolved everything and then they file, and then they submit their agreement almost simultaneously.”

While the transfer deed raises red flags, there’s no real reason to think Scheana and Brock are preparing for a split. In fact, just days ago, they attended the People’s Choice Awards together.

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