Scheana Shay Shades Ariana Madix for Disregarding Her Feelings Amid ‘Scandoval’ as Ariana Says Sandoval Doesn’t “Give a F*ck” About Her, Claims It’s “Sad” Scheana Needs His “Approval”

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Scheana Shay Shades Ariana for Disregarding Feelings Amid 'Scandoval' as Ariana Says Sandoval Doesn't "Give a F*ck" About Her, Claims It's "Sad" Scheana Needs His "Approval"

Scheana Shay didn’t appreciate how Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney responded to her opening up about the way she’d been impacted by “Scandoval” on the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules.

After Scheana, 38, was seen sharing her thoughts on Lisa Vanderpump‘s concern for the mental health of Tom Sandoval, 41, to an unmoved Ariana, 38, and Katie, 37, she accused the ladies of disregarding her feelings as Lala Kent, 33, and James Kennedy, 32, argued about whether or not Scheana’s history with Sandoval, which stems back further than her relationship with Ariana, should mean something to their castmates.

“This is just why there’s certain people I open up to and there’s certain people I don’t want to, because of responses like that,” Scheana began on the February 20 episode of the Pump Rules: After Show. “I’m trying to say that this conversation I just had is weighing heavy on me and instead of them seeing my feelings or how this is bringing up something else about someone else I lost to suicide years ago, it was just like, ‘Well that’s not fair she did that to you.’”

Although Ariana and Katie didn’t agree with Lisa seemingly putting the responsibility of Sandoval’s mental health on anyone but him, Scheana said they ignored what she’d been through in the past with her late friend.

“I’m literally in tears right now and I just didn’t really feel like anyone, them especially, asked, ‘Is there something else going on,’ ‘Why is this affecting you so much?'” she recalled.

Meanwhile, in her own segment, Ariana wondered why Scheana needed Sandoval’s validation, especially considering the fact that he’d minimized their friendship in the past.

“It’s sad to miss someone who said they don’t give a f*ck about you. It’s sad for her,” she stated. “He was a vocal supporter of what she claims was the most traumatic thing she’s been through, this restraining order stuff, and also said they were never really friends and he didn’t give a f**ck about her so I think it’s sad that she would be seeking out validation or approval from him.”

“Don’t be asking for my approval, the go-ahead, or the support in that,” she added as Katie agreed that Scheana seemed to be “looking for approval.”

Because Scheana is admittedly someone who “struggles with boundaries,” she said it was “really hard” distancing herself from Sandoval due to their extensive past with one another.

“[It was] not just some random guy Ariana was dating, this was Sandoval. This was my first friend in this group, this was my only friend in this group when this show started. This was the only person that consistently had my back,” she shared.

Then, after confirming she and Sandoval worked at Villa Blanca together for over a year before Ariana joined them, Lala and James began arguing about whether or not that mattered, with James saying, “That doesn’t mean sh*t.”

“It does matter actually because it wasn’t like she was best friends with Ariana and then [Ariana] was like, ‘This is my boyfriend,’ and he came with the f*cking package. They had a standalone friendship. She has history with Sandoval behind the relationship he had with Ariana,” Lala fired back.

“That’s what I think people aren’t understanding. I’m like, ‘But this was my best friend f*cking over my best friend.’ It is different,” Scheana replied. “If [Brock Davies] did this to me, Ariana and Brock have never had a friendship.”

According to Lala, she believes that because Ariana and Sandoval were living together at the time, it further complicated matters for Scheana, who she believed deserved grace.

“The difference here is you don’t get to roll up on people and tell them ‘You don’t get to kick it with Tom Sandoval but I’m going to go home where he sleeps, I sleep down the hall.’ It don’t work that way,” she stated. “Can you imagine if I said to f*cking [Tom Schwartz], ‘How dare you play pickleball with my ex [Randall Emmett].’ And I still lived in the house? I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Scheana went through something. Scheana had to say goodbye to a friend that she had known for many years and then come to the conclusion that ‘I don’t know this person at all.’ It has been an internal conflict for her, and no one gives her any grace.”

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