RHOM Recap: Larsa Calls Alexia “Disrespectful,” Marysol Confronts Alexia, and Guerdy and Larsa Hug It Out, Plus Larsa Defends Giving Daughter $2,500 Monthly Allowance

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

RHOM Recap: Larsa Calls Alexia "Disrespectful," Marysol Confronts Alexia, Guerdy and Larsa Hug It Out, Plus Larsa Defends Giving Daughter $2,500 Per Month Allowance

Larsa Pippen was front and center at the conclusion of the three-part Real Housewives of Miami season six reunion.

In addition to butting heads with Alexia Echevarria, 56, slamming her for labeling the cast “liars,” and butting heads with Guerdy Abraira, 46, over her decision to reveal her cancer diagnosis to their castmates, Larsa, 49, was questioned about her daughter Sophia Pippen‘s $2,500 per month allowance as Marysol Patton, 57, confronted Alexia for suggesting she’s been dishonest.

“I feel like you owe us an apology, Alexia, let me see your growth like the rest of us,” Larsa told Alexia on the episode.

“An apology for what? Who are you? What are you saying?” Alexia fired back.

“Whenever we’re together, I feel like Alexia acts like, ‘I’m the only one that’s not a liar here.’ And it’s very disrespectful to the rest of us,” Larsa explained.

“I said that today because a lot of people here lie. I’m not gonna apologize to you. It took you three months to apologize to Guerdy about that and you want me to apologize to you? You’re delusional,” Alexia replied.

Andy Cohen, 55, then asked who Alexia felt the liars were.

“We’re gonna start with the biggest liar, which is [Adriana De Moura]. I know my situation with [Nicole Martin], I was proving that she was lying. She said she had nothing to do with it. I think [Lisa Hochstein]’s pretty honest. Larsa lies. I don’t think that Guerdy, no. [Julia Lemigova]’s honest. [Kiki Barth]’s super honest. [And] Marysol doesn’t remember,” Alexia stated.

Right away, Marysol was set off.

“That’s such a fail. Are you gonna do that to me? Come on,” she complained.

“Andy, I don’t like lies,” Alexia noted.

Meanwhile, Larsa was equally annoyed, saying she felt like she’d “taken a beating this whole year,” which got no sympathy from Guerdy.

“I think you deserve it after what you did,” she replied.

“Guerdy, I said I was sorry,” Larsa clapped back.

“I don’t have the time to have any pain and hurt. I really don’t,” Guerdy admitted.

Taking the dynamic in another direction, Andy asked Guerdy to share words of wisdom after her battle with cancer.

“Perspective and just literally, I keep saying this. I feel like I’m repeating myself from last time. Giving each other the benefit of the doubt. Like, if something’s wrong, like, let’s look at it from the other person’s perspective. What if it happened to me?” Guerdy advised.

After hearing what her RHOM castmate had to say, Larsa got up and approached her.

“I feel like I need to give Guerdy a hug and tell her that I’m sorry,” Larsa admitted, embracing her former foe. “I’ve already apologized. I’m apologizing again. I’m apologizing again to you.”

“It’s gonna be so much easier, really. This is not my mojo, you know? I’m a lover, not a fighter, truly,” Guerdy said as Lisa, 41, expressed joy.

“I feel like sometimes we have to yell it out and, like, argue and, like, get our point across, and then we’re just kind of over it. We’re like, okay fine,” Larsa reasoned.

Also at the reunion, Andy read a question from a fan, who wanted to know why she was giving so much money for allowance to her 15-year-old daughter, whom she shares with ex-husband Scottie Pippen, 58.

“She gets $2,500 a month?” he asked.

“My son gets three hundred,” noted Kiki, 34.

“L.A. is super expensive,” Larsa shared. “So, like, after school, she orders food or Uber or, like, you know, buys presents for her friends’ birthdays. And Sophia makes money. You know, I have a deal with Fashion Nova, and they gave her a deal, and she was the face for Oscar de la Renta,” Larsa said.

“She literally makes money, you know?” she added.

In response, Adriana, 58, said that although Larsa has “many faults,” she’s a “good mom.”